Poem about life goes on

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poem about life goes on

Life Goes On Quotes (47 quotes)

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Published 05.12.2018

JR- Life Goes On Poem

This is something that many of us go through but it's a mistake you can't undo growing up is tough it can drive you insane you look for answers but you're hit by .

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Home Poems About Life Read if u like it comment it if u don't oh well.. Everyone always Tells me to just let go. They say you need to forget and move on Stop tormenting yourself with something that has passed Stop living in the past life goes on! Wake up already! How sick I am from just listening to that phrase Yes I know life goes on But it isn't the same.. Yes my life goes on what a joy My life goes on and how may u ask!

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Life Goes On

There are sunny days of happiness, there is a pall of gloom, disappointments, and frustrations. In all, life is all about wishes, hopes, and ambitions. There are some days when we have everything, and there are others which are hollow and devoid of reasons to smile, we yearn for more - things we never got, reminiscence about events gone by, and dozens of other feelings and emotions. And then there is always the joy of birth and the finality of death marking our sojourn at regular intervals. Life itself could be a beautiful poem and poems are inspired from life. Moving Forward. The End.

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