Cesar chavez facts about his life

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cesar chavez facts about his life

The Crusades of Cesar Chavez: A Biography by Miriam Pawel

Cesar Chavez founded a labor union, launched a movement, and inspired a generation. He rose from migrant worker to national icon, becoming one of the great charismatic leaders of the 20th century. Two decades after his death, Chavez remains the most significant Latino leader in US history. Yet his life story has been told only in hagiography-until now.

In the first comprehensive biography of Chavez, Miriam Pawel offers a searching yet empathetic portrayal. Chavez emerges here as a visionary figure with tragic flaws; a brilliant strategist who sometimes stumbled; and a canny, streetwise organizer whose pragmatism was often at odds with his elusive, soaring dreams. He was an experimental thinker with eclectic passions-an avid, self-educated historian and a disciple of Gandhian non-violent protest. Drawing on thousands of documents and scores of interviews, this superbly written life deepens our understanding of one of Chavezs most salient qualities: his profound humanity.

Pawel traces Chavezs remarkable career as he conceived strategies that empowered the poor and vanquished Californias powerful agriculture industry, and his later shift from inspirational leadership to a cult of personality, with tragic consequences for the union he had built. The Crusades of Cesar Chavez reveals how this most unlikely American hero ignited one of the great social movements of our time.
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Harvesting Hope

The Story of Cesar Chavez

Relocating to California, where he married, he got involved in the Community Service Organization CSO , through which he helped laborers register to vote. Chavez became the best known Latino American civil rights activist, and was strongly promoted by the American labor movement , which was eager to enroll Hispanic members. His public-relations approach to unionism and aggressive but nonviolent tactics made the farm workers' struggle a moral cause with nationwide support. By the late s, his tactics had forced growers to recognize the UFW as the bargaining agent for 50, field workers in California and Florida. In later life, he also became an advocate for veganism. During his lifetime, Colegio Cesar Chavez was one of the few institutions named in his honor, but after his death he became a major historical icon for the Latino community, with many schools, streets, and parks being named after him.

Mexican-American Cesar Chavez was a prominent union leader and labor organizer. Hardened by his early experience as a migrant worker, Chavez founded the National Farm Workers Association in His union joined with the Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee in its first strike against grape growers in California, and the two organizations later merged to become the United Farm Workers. Stressing nonviolent methods, Chavez drew attention for his causes via boycotts, marches and hunger strikes. Despite conflicts with the Teamsters union and legal barriers, he was able to secure raises and improve conditions for farm workers in California, Texas, Arizona and Florida.

They run a farm, grocery store, garage, and pool hall. The Chavez family is evicted from its land after losing their livelihood in the Great Depression. They become migrant farm workers in Arizona and California. Chavez marries Helen Favela. Over the years, they have eight children. Chavez works as a ranch hand and at a lumber yard in San Jose, Calif. The organization is dedicated to the rights of migrant workers, including a minimum wage , insurance, and collective bargaining.


Cesar Chavez was a Mexican-American labor leader who organized the first effective union of farm workers in the history of California agriculture. Cesar Chavez was born on March 31, , near Yuma, Arizona.

Cesar Chavez was one of the 20th century's most dynamic American social activists, waging an aggressive but nonviolent campaign for farm workers' rights that drew widespread support and gave people across the country a new appreciation for the origins of their food. This issue came naturally to Chavez, who was 10 years old when his parents lost their Arizona farm amid the Great Depression, moved to California and took up migrant farm labor. Chavez had a front-row seat for rampant prejudice and injustice on American farms during the s and '50s, but rather than feeling bitter or downtrodden, he saw adversity as a source of inspiration. After 14 years of farm labor, Chavez took a job in as an organizer for the Community Service Organization, a California civil rights group, and by he was its national director. That led to his most famous work, a series of strikes and boycotts that won unprecedented protections for farm workers. Chavez died in , but his legacy is still remembered every year on his birthday, March Cesar Chavez Day is now an official holiday in several states, and although it's not a federal holiday, President Obama has proclaimed it a day of "service, community and education.

We will win. Cesar was born on March 31, He was named after his grandfather, Cesario. He learned about justice or rather injustice early in his life. Cesar grew up in Arizona; the small adobe home, where Cesar was born was swindled from them by dishonest Anglos.

Toggle navigation. His parents were Juana Estrada and Librado Chavez. He had two brothers and two sisters and grew up on his family's farm in Yuma. His family also owned a local grocery store, but when Cesar was only 11 the family lost the farm because of the Great Depression. His family moved to California to find work, and they soon became migrant workers.

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  1. Union leader and labor organizer Cesar Chavez dedicated his life to improving treatment, pay and working conditions for farm workers. As a labor leader, Chavez led marches, called for boycotts and went on several hunger strikes. Union leader and labor organizer Chavez was born.

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