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what do people hate about you

Why do people hate this book so much? They... — Twilight Q&A

I just HAVE to share this correspondence I had with a twilight “disliker” (enjoy)
(note: This Disliker kept going on and on about everything she “disliked “ about Bella . She attributed negative traits to Bella that did not come up in the books nor had these negative attibutes ( bragging , deserting her family , her love for Edward was 100% lust etc etc) been mentioned by any other critic. She was picking Bella to pieces. Then she posted one reason she disliked Twilight was because she disliked the “twilight fanatics” and that saying I was defending Twilight as if it was the Bible instead of a work of fiction)
Disliker : This site is about BOOKS, so I review Twilight in the standard of reviewing BOOKS, unless Twilight isnt a fictional story book and is instead a vampire BIBLE. THANK YOU for your time.”

Me: Is THAT what you think ? That I equate TWILIGHT with the BIBLE . PLEASE LET ME CLARIFY!!!

Disliker : A lot of people who dislike Twilight read it because everyone talks about it online, and they re-read it because they want to point out more things that is bad about it....

Me: I am TOO aware of this !

“First let me assure you that I know it is ONLY a fictional book NOT a historical record of actual events like the gospels .
The REASON I quote the GOSPEL of Jesus is NOT to equate Twilight with the Gospel but show that YOU 1-2 star raters who deliberately seek bad in the book and point it out and if you cant find it invent it is that you are sinning . You are Bearing false witness against Stephanie Myers by telling people who read your post that she wrote things she did not . That is breaking gods commandments and if you don’t accept the bible as an authorities and you want an sacred oriental law that you are breaking “SEE NO EVIL , HEAR NO EVIL , SPEAK NO EVIL “ Twilight is not the bible or the scripture . But when YOU bear false witness about what is in the book YOU are in need of a lecture from the Bible . So hear it is: “ Thou salt not bear false witness “ As you sow so shall you reap “ “Judge not lest ye be judged “ “ Do not injure the feelings or others “ So ARE WE CLEAR that the BIBLICAL reference s are meant to dissuade YOU from :

bearing false witness ,
Hurting others feelings
Sowing negativity and pain that YOU will have to reap

Even Fictional Books are written by Real people, with FEELING just like you have have. Thes authors create characters and characters have the virtues of vices that the author AND THE READER ascribe to them. Let me assure you that I know that the characters are NOT REAL .But let me also assure you that I KNOW that love, humility, strength and courage ascribed to them ARE real.

Also LET me assure you that doctors scientists have CONFIRMED that when we read a book or watch a movie the vices and virtues THAT WE FOCUS ON will make impressions on our subconscious mind every bit as permanent as if it happened in real life . Those impressions create good or bad tendencies just as if WE DID the things we FOCUSED ON . They have also shown that even without a book or movie if we vividly visualize sex , violence , courage or pure love these visions will CHANGE US just as if they happened in real life . (source : Mental toughness Training Manual By DR James Loehr or google positive visualization )
Doctor’s and scientists have also proven that those who go around picking out others faults (wither in books or real life ) attract those faults into their own minds and that those who pick out and focus on peoples virtues(wither in books or real life) attract those virtues into their minds ) They tell us “the subconscious mind can NOT distinguish the difference between reality and a vividly imagined of a virtuous or evil trait being enacted “
Please check out the links below on FOR YOUR REFERENCE :
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BDSB... (ATTRACT POSTIVES AND REPEL NEGATIVES)
Therefore When 4-5 star raters focus on Positives of a FICTIONAL character we powerfully ATTRACT those positive virtues into the surface of our mind’s . When you 1-2 star raters focus on the negatives of a FICTIONAL character you powerfully attract those negative qualities into your minds . What we choose to focus on in a “Bella” will surely sprout up in us and prompt us to act accordingly . All the BAD the 1-2stars point out in Bella will sprout in their minds. All the GOOD the 4-5stars point out in Bella will sprout in our minds . The wise thing for the 1-2stars to do is stop rereading twilight merely to find and point out more bad and go find something good to focus on.
Doctors and scientists have even proven that a mothers thoughts affect the development for her unborn fetus . If she thinks virtuous thoughts the child will be of good heroic character . If she thinks lustful, angery or greedy thoughts the child will be lustful , angery and greedy. It is NOT what is happening outside in “REAL LIFE” as you call it but IN HER MIND that produces the change .
Please check out the link below about mother’s thoughts FOR YOUR REFERENCE :
for 100s of similar referenced google “does a mother’s thoughts affect unborn baby”

The difference between you and me is that :
I back my assertions with quotes and references and authorities.
You back up your assertions with arrogance and sass .
Your wrote “a lot of people who dislike Twilight read it because everyone talks about it online, and they re-read it because they want to point out more things that is bad about it.”
In the LIGHT of the above scientific proof the “people” who read TWILIGHT to “point out” more bad things about it are real losers . They then want to come to good reads and “point out” all the bad things so that it can go into the “winners” minds . The winners are the ones who CHOOSE to “point out “ the GOOD in TWILIGHT because they want to ATTRACT virtues and good and repel vices !

All I was saying in my AIM HIGH message was that Winners focus on the good in others and groove the positive tendencies they focused into their minds. Losers Focus on the faults in others and grove those same negative tendencies into their minds .

Thank you for your time .
and have a Great life in beautiful Shanghai !!!!
( Hey Laugh! –Its good for ya!)
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