Fun facts about president james buchanan

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fun facts about president james buchanan

James Buchanan by Jean H. Baker

A provocative reconsideration of a presidency on the brink of Civil War

Almost no president was as well trained and well prepared for the office as James Buchanan. He had served in the Pennsylvania state legislature, the U.S. House, and the U.S. Senate; he was Secretary of State and was even offered a seat on the Supreme Court. And yet, by every measure except his own, James Buchanan was a miserable failure as president, leaving office in disgrace. Virtually all of his intentions were thwarted by his own inability to compromise: he had been unable to resolve issues of slavery, caused his party to split-thereby ensuring the election of the first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln-and made the Civil War all but inevitable.

Historian Jean H. Baker explains that we have rightly placed Buchanan at the end of the presidential rankings, but his poor presidency should not be an excuse to forget him. To study Buchanan is to consider the implications of weak leadership in a time of national crisis. Elegantly written, Bakers volume offers a balanced look at a crucial moment in our nations history and explores a man who, when given the opportunity, failed to rise to the challenge.
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President James Buchanan Biography

Ten fun facts about James Buchanan

James Buchanan, 15 th President of the United States , was born in Pennsylvania, the son of a storeowner. Throughout his life, he kept strict financial accounts. He also valued obeying the law. These characteristics were both strengths and weaknesses. Image of James Buchanan — 15th U. Buchanan served over 40 years in public office before becoming President. He served in both the U.

For a discussion of the history and nature of the presidency, see presidency of the United States of America. His father had immigrated to the United States in and worked as a storekeeper. Buchanan was educated at Dickinson College in Carlisle , Pennsylvania, graduating in , and studied law in Lancaster , Pennsylvania. He was admitted to the bar in and soon established a successful law practice. His gift for oratory led him to politics. Buchanan never married and remains the only bachelor president. In , when he was 28 years old, he became engaged to Anne C.

Fact 1 James Buchanan was born on April 23, and died on June 1, Fact 2 Buchanan is the only president to be elected from Pennsylvania and the only president who stayed a bachelor for life. James's, where he helped plan the Ostend Manifesto.
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Then there are the others, whose all-but-forgotten names are unceremoniously attached to middle schools and parks across the country—or removed from major mountains. In , year-old Buchanan, then an attorney who had already served in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, was engaged to Ann Coleman. The ill-fated romance had a tragic end. After Buchanan returned from a trip and was rumored to have visited another woman, Ann broke off the engagement with a letter, sank into a depression, and died just a few days later on December 8, Buchanan entered Congress in , became a senator in , and during this time struck up a friendship with Alabama Senator William Rufus King. The two lived together at Mrs. I have gone a wooing several gentlemen, but have not succeeded with any one of them.

What are some interesting and important facts about his presidency? And what are some cool, fun facts about the man? The dates of his presidency span March 4, to March 4, Our fun facts and trivia begin with the following info:. James Buchanan Facts for Kids The following fact sheet provides a fast overview and fun facts about the James Buchanan Presidency with interesting and important information about some important events and accomplishments of his presidency.

James Buchanan had a nickname. It was "Old Buck. Buchanan was a staunch supporter of Andrew Jackson. But, focusing on Buchanan's political affiliations won't do much to help you understand him. Discover these ten interesting facts about James Buchanan. It's important to consider these facts about the life and presidency of James Buchanan in order to understand the man better.

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  1. Buchanan retired to his estate in Pennsylvania where he died of pneumonia in Fun Facts About James Buchanan. He was the only president who never.

  2. Discover these ten interesting facts about James Buchanan. It's important to consider these facts about the life and presidency of James.

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