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I Wrote This For You (I Wrote This For You #4) by pleasefindthis

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Once in a while you found a book that somehow felt that it is written personally for you. As if the author writes the book with you in his mind, and the dedication has your name written on it. I Wrote This For You is one of those rare books if ever there is already one out there existing. It is also a kind of book that felt like you wrote by yourself for someone you love and care. As if the author write down all the feelings and thoughts you cannot express and manage to put them on the pages of this lovely book.

The book is divided into four parts: Sun, Moon, Stars, and Rain. It includes collections of photos, messages or poems that express real feelings and emotions. Each collections are artistically combined that somehow will touch your soul. The photos alone are carefully pick to show the different angle of life. Each descriptions and messages are heartwarming and inspiring. The photos captures life and the messages express the stories behind it. Stories we can all relate to and messages we all shares.

Reading those words somehow felt that the author took the words out of my soul and put it on paper. As if he really knew me so well, like a bestfriend I always wanted to have and he easily put into words all I wanted to say. There are so many quotations from the book that I can relate to, words that triggered memories from the past and give a glimpse of a bright future. It is like peeking into my diary and reading all the words I am silently keeping or letters I never send. It tells my story and everyone’s stories too.

There is one particular part of the book that makes me teary because the photo and the message really hit me. It reminds me of one of the place I visit in Taipei though it’s not exactly the same place it reminds me of my stay there. Of all the places I visited so far, Taiwan is the most memorable not only because that’s my first out of the country trip but also because of the experiences it gives me. In my eight days of stay there I experience the ups and down of life. I went through different emotions while I’m there. The experiences and adventures gives me not just memories but also molds me to be a better person. Reminding me those moments somehow resurrect me again to my soul. It reminds me of the people I love and care, people I lost and things that really matters in life.

I Wrote This For You is such a short read but the words it delivers expand beyond the pages. The messages are bleak, hopeful, real, and poignant. Add the mysterious and daunting photos, this book is written for you and only you by someone who dares to show how much you matter in this world and reminds you that there is someone who cares and life has meaning.
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Think About You

How Jessie Ware Accidentally Wrote a Song for Nicki Minaj

Jessie Ware's known primarily for her sweeping, sexy ballads and classy love songs—think all-time greats like "Wildest Moments," "Say You Love Me," and "Tough Love"—and that's a streak she continues on her ambitious new album Glasshouse. But over breakfast one sweltering August morning at a New York sushi restaurant, the British singer trades her signature elegance for unpretentious charm: She peppers the conversation with off-the-cuff swear words and snorts with laughter as she watches a video of her toddler shimmying to thumping British drum and bass. When you get into the room with other songwriters and producers, how easy do you find it to open up? Because Glasshouse is incredibly forthcoming about your life. I think the people that I've written the most personal songs with are people that were my friends who even know my relationship. People like Ed [Sheeran] and Benny [Blanco]. Ed made sure I was as direct as possible, which I actually was unsure about.

Ed Sheeran hasn't yet released a Number One single in the U. In fact, you've been hearing songs that Sheeran wrote for and with other artists for years, whether you've known it or not. Here are 10 of the most noteworthy. After showcasing his contrite side with "Sorry," Justin Bieber released this lightheartedly spiteful kiss-off to a former flame. It was the first time the Biebs and Sheeran had worked together, though their career paths had crossed before: Sheeran had contributed a video clip to Bieber's "What Do You Mean?

Go to Songsear. Hey guys im looking for a song that goes with Something like that please help. Cant find that song even if i searched it. Looking for a song by a female artist that had the words 'sweet july' and 'caught you looking at me' repeated several times. Group of singers.

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The song was written by Ocean and produced by Shea Taylor. Originally to be featured on Bridget Kelly 's debut album, Ocean released his original version of the track for free on his Tumblr account in In May , the song was officially sent to radio and released on iTunes as a single by Ocean. Kelly would later release her own version of the track entitled "Thinking Bout Forever". Lyrically, the track is about a relationship just out of his reach and the turmoil that ensues.

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  1. "Thinkin Bout You" is a song by American singer Frank Ocean, released as the lead single from his debut studio album Channel Orange (). The song was written by Ocean and produced by Shea Taylor. I think it's an amazing, well- written record. Frank Ocean is incredibly talented, I will never say anything against that.

  2. Long before Blonde , or even before Frank Ocean started to earn notice for his work with the rap collective Odd Future, he was working as a professional songwriter in L.

  3. The Merseyside singer-songwriter has reimagined last year's 'Yawn' as a collection of heartbreaking piano tracks.

  4. "I've Been Thinking About You" is a song by British-American band Londonbeat from their Dave Sholin from the Gavin Report wrote about the song: "It's always a treat when a song comes along that I can't wait to review. Impossible not to.

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