Powerful message about a mothers love

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powerful message about a mothers love

Mothers Love Quotes (85 quotes)

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Published 04.12.2018

Powerful Mothers Day Sermon by Anita Keagy - First Church

A Powerful Message About A Mother’s Love

On her special day, tell your mom how much she means to you with these heartwarming messages about motherhood. If making your mom laugh is your goal, why not have The Golden Girls convey your message? Or use any other of these funny quotes and watch your mom giggle. Sometimes all a mom needs is a little inspiration. Tell her she means the world to you with an encouraging saying. Grandmothers always have a special place in our hearts.

Going back to work after having a baby is hard. Regaining your footing in a world where working mothers are so often penalized is tough, and just like most things during the postpartum period it takes time.
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A mother is the one who becomes the fulcrum of happiness that we are blessed with, from the day we open our eyes to this Earth. A mother is someone, no matter what; she will stand as the strongest pillars in our lives. And, she must be celebrated for all the love and affection she bestows upon with. One of the best ways to say thank you to your mother, for all that she does, all her life for her children and for all the enduring love that she has in her heart, is sending hearty messages. And not only a mother but all those women in your life who have played the role of a mother in any form should be celebrated. Not only you carried me in your womb for nine months, but you are carrying me for whole of your life in your heart. Mom, you are the architect of my life and I own my success to you!

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  1. Such a powerful and emotional speech. We won't spoil it for you, but trust us when we say it is worth every minute of your time to watch the video below!.

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