Famous quotes about passion and work

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famous quotes about passion and work

Passion Quotes (4280 quotes)

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Published 04.12.2018

Steve Jobs passion in work

50 Quotes On Passion At Work And Productivity That Lead To Success

We live in a free market, if you are not happy with your working environment or boss, move! Nobody is forcing you to work at that dreadful place. Come to think of it, humans is the only species that pays to live on this planet, and the saddest part is, some are born to work for the rest of their life. We are all entering a world where the human race is aging faster than we are able to replace ourselves with younger humans, thus we are forced to work from cradle to grave. Remember, the world is a playground, somewhere along the line we forgets about it.

Following your passion takes courage and you never know what will happen. Every day the same, warm glaze covering our daily experiences, nothing ever all that exciting, but…at least you avoided the pain. Do you want to live out your life like that?
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Inspirational Words of Wisdom. Word to encourage and inspire you to follow your passion, to live your dreams.

I am passionate about social media. I'm passionate about helping small businesses. I'm passionate about playing with my wife and kids. I'm passionate about watching baseball, and playing tennis. I'm passionate about writing and reading. Heck, I'm passionate about passion.


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