What are some interesting facts about japan

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what are some interesting facts about japan

500 Random Facts: about Japan by Lena Shaw

Did you know there is a whole island full of rabbits in Japan? Have you heard that outside of Japan, the majority of Japanese live in Brazil? What do you know about Hello Kitty toilet paper and vending machines, selling fake used ladies underpants? If youre a fan of the Japanese food, culture, history, and architecture, this book is for you.

500 Random Facts about Japan is the eighth book in the series Trivia and Facts about the Countries. The author has tried to make it even better than the previous few books, considering all the feedback received.
This book is a gold-mine of random facts about magnificent Japan. All content is unique, hopefully, thrilling, and family-friendly. Some of these facts are completely chin-dropping, while the others are simply entertaining. Facts describe both history and the aspects of modern life in Japan; its politics, celebrities, athletes, philosophers, and some less-known Japanese people. No matter what you like more - Japanese cartoons, martial arts, historical references, or whether you just need some travel hints - in any case, you will find something great and new to learn from this book.

The examples of random facts about Japan are below.

Owning a sword or a handgun is illegal in Japan.

The only Japanese survivor from the Titanic, Masabumi Hosono was considered a coward in his homeland because he hadn’t died with everyone else.

Yunessun Spa Resort offers a Green Tea Spa, a Coffee Spa, a Red Wine Spa, as well as a Japanese Sake Spa. And wait for it – a Ramen-Noodle Spa!

Japan accepted refugees, who were Jewish, during the Second World War, in spite of the fact that Japan was allied with Nazi Germany.

A Japanese marathon runner quit the Olympics in 1912 and went back to Japan. But he didn’t tell the officials about that. Because of this, he was marked as a missing person in Sweden for fifty years.

It’s the land of the sun, rice, sumo, samurais, exceptional food, and even more spectacular customs. Yes, that’s Japan, an island country that perfectly juggles with being a fantastic economy, having rich traditions, and constantly trying to be better. Japan is poised to stun and amaze you, make you fall in love with it and yet keep your eyebrows up. So, explore this unique culture with these 500 breath-taking facts about Japan that will provoke you to jump off your feet and start packing your bags!

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13 facts about Japan

Want to know even more Japan facts? Here below you have 10 quick facts about Japan! More than 2 billion manga.
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40+ Fun and interesting facts about Japan

Japan is on the Asian continent. Japan is a chain of islands along the eastern coast of Asia, reaching from the northern coast of Russia to the South East China Sea. The Japanese islands consist of 4 main islands and dozens of smaller isles. The largest of the four major islands is Honshu, which is also the seventh largest island in the world. The highest mountain in Japan is Mount Fuji, a dormant sleeping volcano, which last erupted in

Japan Facts for Kids. Learn some interesting information about Japan while enjoying a range of fun facts and trivia that's perfect for kids! Read about the highest.
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Japan Attractions

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Japan is an archipelago, or string of islands, on the eastern edge of Asia. There are four main islands — Hokkaido , Honshu , Shikoku and Kyushu. There are also nearly 4, smaller islands, too! Almost four-fifths of Japan is covered with mountains. The Japanese Alps run down the centre of the largest island, Honshu. Japan can be a dangerous place. More than a thousand earthquakes hit Japan every year.

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