Books about the mexican cartel

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books about the mexican cartel

Popular Mexico Drug War Books

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Published 30.11.2018

Tom Wainwright Narconomics How to Run a Drug Cartel Audiobook

Popular Cartels Books

Every morning, at towns in Texas like Brownsville and McAllen, fleets of wheelers packed with cheap consumer goods — some of them illicit — rumble over international bridges, slowing down only to shift gears. Presidential dreams of a big, beautiful wall notwithstanding, for now — and, perhaps, for the foreseeable future — an endless mass of inexpensive T-shirts, fresh avocadoes, black tar heroin, undocumented migrants and fanny-packed vacationers will continue flowing undiminished through the great, swirling circulatory system that the two countries share. There is, however, at least one group for whom the border is a hard frontier, solid and impermeable: the American law-enforcement officers who have the job of investigating crimes that occur along its length. His American gaze at Mexico is mournful — like that of a man watching his cousin die of cancer. An investigative reporter who has covered the border for publications like Time and The Guardian for nearly two decades, del Bosque based her account on scores of personal interviews and reams of court documents, and proves herself fluent in detailing the exceedingly different, but equally rich, milieus of cartel kingpins, Texas equestrians and federal investigators.

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Robert J. Alejandro Alex Marentes. Morrisville, NC: Lulu, April Borderland Beat is an informational and collaborative English language blog drawing upon US and Mexican contributors reporting on the Mexican narco wars. The blog is a contemporary raw feed of unassessed information.

Drug violence has long been a thread in contemporary culture: Just cue up any Scorsese film or the documentary Cartel Land. Or read up on El Chapo's recent prison escape. All are gritty as hell and fascinating to watch, but nothing compares to reading a book, where you can get inside a characters' head. With the U. Just call this genre explosive realism.

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