How to dream about god

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how to dream about god

The Dream of God: A Call to Return by Verna J. Dozier

-The Dream of God is a small masterpiece. . . . Her vision of the Bible is insightful and persuasive, her writing accessible and powerful.- -- Marcus Borg

-This contemporary prophet has touched lives and transformed hearts through her books and talks. Many centuries before Verna Dozier, there was Amos, from the country, speaking out in the market square against the corrupt practices of merchants who sell the righteous for silver and the needy for a pair of shoes. In this century we have Dozier, a black female, spreading Gods word in the nations capital, across the country, and outside its borders.- -- Washington Diocese

Again and again the Christian church has fallen away from the dream God has for it, a dream in which we are called to follow Jesus and not merely to worship him. Through adept storytelling and Bible study, Dozier reawakens our sense of calling and our desire for truth.
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Prayer For Dreams and Visions - Prayers For Meaning Of Dream

Dream Messages From God and Angels: Shapes

It is one thing to dream, but it is an entirely different thing to see your dream become a reality. Children have a way of dreaming big, and even in their daydreaming, they can create a world where they can be anyone they want to be. I remember as a child I had the wildest imaginations; I think it was because I did not have the best childhood so these imaginations would take me into a world where I was in control, in charge and safe. I dreamt of being a beauty queen, and in my dreams, I would always win, but as I grew up the realities of life stifled the chance of winning at anything. I know many of you can relate to my story because God created us with an imagination so he can give us the blueprint of our lives.

Does your dream pass these six tests? (Pexels/Tookapic). I love dreams. I love the contours of God's voice, the creativity He puts into His.
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You wake up drowsy eyed, wander into the kitchen and sit down with a cup of coffee. Slowly the images return, flashing through your mind in fleeting sequence. Strangely coherent, they seem to shed light on your thoughts from the day before. We know that everybody dreams usually for hours every night. Most of the dreams we have are natural dreams they are the activity of our unconscious minds while we are asleep. This first one is perhaps the easiest. So he builds in supernatural signs for us little indicators to show us it is him.

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