Quotes about having a sick child

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quotes about having a sick child

Shaun Bunting (Author of Fatapiller)

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Published 03.12.2018

A Parent's Love - I Cried After Watching This...

Its the worst thing for a parent.
Shaun Bunting

What To Say When A Friend’s Child Is Sick #CMHMOMS

About six months ago, I had three friends with children who were sick. Usually, when my heart aches, it also feels moved to do something. I wanted to help. I wanted them to know that I care. I wanted to be a stretcher bearer. But then reality sunk in … What am I suppose to do?

Beautiful encouragement texts for sick children. Every time we are not in good health, some of us experience a lot of pain in our bodies, we do not feel like doing anything and some diseases make us moody, so all we can do is stay in bed without doing anything until we recover. We all know that when we get sick we feel bad, and when this happens to a child it is even more devastating because we see they are sick and we do not know what to do. Whenever a child is sick and we cannot do anything for them to recover, our heart feels very sad. However, the ones who demonstrate more courage are the children because they do everything possible to recover. They are always in the mood to laugh even though sometimes the pain has them weak, and they always have a perfect reason to smile at life. For this reason, on the next few lines we offer you a series of messages for you to wake up the desire of recovering of the sick child, who is having a hard time.

Words of Encouragement for Sick Child

Words of encouragement are very important for a sick child when they are feeling under the weather. Of course, medications are important too, but children can always do with extra support from their family members and close ones.

There are plenty of less-than-pleasant moments that accompany motherhood, but I'd argue that having a sick kid is the actual worst. As parents, we do everything we can to try and keep our kids from becoming ill or feeling pain. Most of us choose to vaccinate our kids , others will try herbs and supplements or other forms of alternative medicine. But, sooner or later, no matter how hard you try, your kid will get sick, and it will suck. It'll be awful and it will be exhausting and it will leave you thinking some very real, sometimes hilarious, always understandable, things. When your kid gets sick — say, with a cold; something not life-threatening but definitely unpleasant — it's hard to stay positive. For one, it's devastating to watch your usually happy, energetic child turn into what can only be described as a zombie baby.

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