Facts you didn t know about yourself

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facts you didn t know about yourself

?Express Yourself ? - Get to know everyone: 10 facts about you Showing 1-47 of 47

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Published 02.12.2018

10 Things Your Body Says About You!

10 Things You Don't Know about Yourself

Secrets of Master Communicators. U nique 10 Video Instant Download. Some of the facts below are trivial, some are ancient history, and some of them may very well save your life one day. So read up, and enjoy this wild and whacky anatomical analysis. From hangover cures to exploding head syndrome, these tidbits are must-knows. Here are some great facts you should definitely know about how your body metabolizes and stores fat. Learn these facts, then do your part to protect your heart.

After experiencing my first week of classes, I have learned that every student needs a handy-dandy list of fun facts about themselves to tell other people.
life is like a math problem

1. My favorite hobby is...

You probably think you know your body pretty well. But did you have any idea that it has the power to digest metal?, Susan Weinschenk , a behavioral scientist.

LordZB , Updated June 18, But according to Ben Franklin, this is easier said than done. While other parts of the body — the palms of your hands, for instance — also have high levels of neurons, your stomach is unique in that it can effectively think for itself, meaning that you can digest food without having to think about it. Ever been nervous, irritable, or content for apparently no reason at all? Ever found yourself unable to concentrate after an enormous meal? Chances are, your stomach is partly to blame — all the more reason to eat wisely. This statement might seem to be untrue as soon as you glance in the mirror unless you suffer from hypertrichosis , but you are indeed as hairy as most other primates.

Just peer inside and read: who you are, your likes and dislikes, your hopes and fears; they are all there, ready to be understood. This notion is popular but is probably completely false! Psychological research shows that we do not have privileged access to who we are. When we try to assess ourselves accurately, we are really poking around in a fog. As a result, our self-image has surprisingly little to do with our actions. For example, we may be absolutely convinced that we are empathetic and generous but still walk right past a homeless person on a cold day.

Each night you grow between 1 and 3 inches In the morning you are 1 to 3 inches taller than the night before. While you are asleep your body stretches out again. Your fingertips are so sensitive, if they were as large as our earth, you could still feel the difference between a house and a car. Every 30 days you take on a new skin. Where do they go? Your blood goes to the moon every 20 days 11 miles is the average distance your blood travels in your body everyday.

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