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who is stay beautiful about

Stay Beautiful (Lost in Love, #1) by Perry T. Matlin

Broke parents? Abusive Step-dad? A secret boyfriend? Anti-LGBTQ+ family? Fair-weather friends? Troye has it all. Itís the summer before high school, and Troye Cameronís life is in tatters. His boyfriend Max just moved away, his mother has been spiraling into depression since her abusive husband left her for another woman, and all his friends decided to turn on him at the same time. When he leaves to spend the summer with his dad, everything changes. Follow Troye along as he stumbles down this path. Heíll find a love he never imagined, heíll feel pain like nothing before, heíll grow, suffer abuse, meet new people, experience things he thought were over, and heíll find that rock bottom is so much lower than he thought. Troye will make mistakes, who doesnít? He will find himself lost in love, but the question is, will he find his way out?
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Jimin Park "Stay Beautiful" M/V Preview

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It's Corey Robinson so I don't think that's him although it does look a little like him and he is real but I really don't think the song is about him. She was in 6th grade at the time not 4th, I think she changed little details like his name and her age because not only was it not a completely serious thing but because she probably didn't want people to look him up and she started writing songs that year so not only was she possibly not even writing songs yet but she wrote the song with Liz Rose who she didn't meet until she was 14 and probably already living in Nashville so I don't think this is about a guy from PA at all. And on top of that she knew Corey and actually told her friend Troy Ziegler who liked her at the time that she wanted to go out with him instead only to find out he was already dating Sarah Jaxhiemer the girl with the perfect straight hair who she mentioned in her Vogue article whereas she always said she didn't really know or talk to the Stay Beautiful guy, just thought he was cute when he walked by her in the hall at school one day and kinda of admired him from afar. So I think there were two Cory's we don't even know how he spells it anyway because she spells it Cory in her album booklet lyrics and Corey in her online lyrics on her website just like there were two Drews. She didn't do her website but I think she did her booklet since she capitalizes certain letters. I think so too. Which makes a good case that he spells it but still rules him out because he spells it Corey.

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Play "Stay Beautiful" on Amazon Music. It talks about a guy who maybe doesnt have any idea how wonderful he is. She secretly has a crush on him and wanted the guy to remember always how wonderful and beautiful he is even if they're not meant for each other. Such a wonderful song to describe a crush. Song is pretty self explanatory About a girl singing to a guy saying that she likes him a lot and thinks he has such a beautiful soul. And if the two them never get together she hopes that he stays just as wonderful as she remembers him.

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It epitomizes high school relationships, acknowledging that things may not work out between the two, but still enjoying their present romance. The boy moved away so she would never get to tell him that she liked him, so she expressed it in a song at the school talent show. Many other music artists find Swift's courage to put a person's real name in a song is something that can be looked up to, and also makes the listener feel closer to her personal life. Cory's eyes are like a jungle He smiles, it's like the radio He whispers songs into my window In words that nobody knows These pretty girls on every corner They watch him as he's walking home Saying, "Does he know? Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful? Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

Join the live Discord chat! If there is a problem, please do not message the mods individually. Please use the link that just so happens to be conveniently labeled message the moderators right above our usernames. My friend is the Corey from the song "Stay Beautiful". His nickname is Coco.


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