Books about human rights violations

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books about human rights violations

Popular Human Rights Books

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Published 02.12.2018

Human Rights Violations Around The World

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Make Your Own List. What are human rights? Are they reducible to the rights enshrined in law or do they somehow objectively exist? Interview by Nigel Warburton. He has published extensively in moral, legal, and political philosophy, with a focus on philosophical issues in crime and punishment, human rights, and international law. I got interested in human rights through two other prior interests. One was an interest in moral philosophy, in particular the question of relativism: whether there are genuinely objective and universal standards of morality.

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In , when the United Nations General Assembly declared December 10 as Human Rights Day , the world was still recovering from years of war that devastated the landscapes of our cities and our souls. The UN put forth a declaration that recognized the ramifications of human suffering and injustice, and called for December 10 to be a day to celebrate the inherent rights of every person, everywhere. When we think of the need for a day advocating for human rights around the world, thoughts usually stray far from home, to lands ravaged by war, disease, and corruption. But injustice, we have once again been so starkly reminded , does not only occur on far-flung shores or in the pages of a newspaper. I call on people to hold their governments to account. I know you're coming with me on this.

Finding books on human rights topics is not difficult for those studying and working in this field. Finding relevant, challenging, and interesting books on human rights topics, however, is not always as easy. Burke, and Disposable People by Kevin Bales are all human rights texts that present unique perspectives and information while challenging readers to bring together knowledge and actions in effective ways. He ultimately argues that human rights are not culturally relative because culture is not the cause or a factor in the development of human rights ideas and practices and is not necessarily for or against any particular human rights. It is a matter of what particular people and societies make of and do with their cultural resources.

Here's our top ten list of great books, both fiction and non-fiction, that we feel evoke a strong sense of human rights. Feel inspired and want to get your hands on some of the best human rights fiction in recent years? Visit our online shop. This Pulitzer Prize-winning novel centres on the trial of an African-American man wrongly accused of raping a white woman. The first of two books written by Harper Lee, it is used across the world to teach about civil rights and the history of race relations in America.

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