Bad things about the crusades

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bad things about the crusades

Crusades Quotes (31 quotes)

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Published 02.12.2018

DEBUNKED: "The Crusades" Myths

The Crusades: Consequences & Effects

This is no question of 'Good' or 'Bad'. It's a question of necessity. And it might be at the time to prepare for the next and maybe final crusade. It's about time to stand up and fight for your values. Currently Muslims all around the world are pressing us to accept their ridiculous values. If you do not agree it means flag burning and terrorism.

The Crusades: From the Editor — The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly and the ugly mingled, when Christian men and women did wonderful and horrible things, .
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Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction. The Jews used the concept, and it was probably from them that Christians and Muslims adopted it. All three principal monotheistic religions still accept the idea and continue to use it. For Jews it is a kherem , for Muslims it is a jihad , and for Christians a crusade. The concept of a crusade was developed in the eleventh century as a result of organised Christian forces fighting Muslims in Sicily and Spain. The best known crusades were a series of military expeditions promoted by the papacy during the Middle Ages, aimed at taking the Holy Land for Christendom.

Recently, a group of Christian leaders, mostly missionaries to the Muslim world, gathered in Jerusalem, at the spot where years earlier Christian knights and soldiers stormed the walls. They read historical accounts of the Jerusalem massacre. Then they formally apologized for the Crusades. I apologize for their apology. I cringe when I think of the centuries of slaughter and pillaging done in the name of Christ, with the blessing of the church. But the crusaders were real Christians.

Although many college students today are ignorant concerning the Holocaust from only a generation ago, many seem to think they know enough about the Crusades to use them as an argument for the evil of religion. The Crusades are often pictured as a series of bloodthirsty religious wars comparable to modern-day jihad terrorism. However, while there certainly were misdeeds performed during the Crusades — and these should be remembered and judged accordingly — the larger issue is whether or not the Church in general — or even the Crusades in particular — were at fault for such acts. Hitler and his Nazi state can be properly blamed for the atrocities of the Holocaust, for these vile acts flowed directly from his teachings and commands. But were the Crusades equally to blame for the evil performed while they were enacted, or are they, like other Christian Urban Legends , misunderstood and misrepresented? Thomas F.

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