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hidden facts about disney world

The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World: Over 600 Secrets of the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disneys Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom by Susan Veness

Sure, its the Happiest Place on Earth, but how much do the 45 million-plus people who visit the Disney World theme parks annually really know about it? From where to find all the hidden Mickeys to the truth behind Madame Leotas ring at the Haunted Mansion, learn all about the hidden magic that permeates these fabulous resorts in this tell-all handbook. Readers also get the insiders take on:
The smell of home-baked cookies on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom
The Fountain of World Friendship in Epcot that contains water from rivers and oceans around the globe
Walt Disneys opening day speech tapped out in Morse Code in Frontierland
The eco-friendly benches (recycled milk jugs) in the Animal Kingdom
Two versions of The Great Movie Ride at Disneys Hollywood Studios
Complete with secret tips from Disneys Imagineers, this book is the perfect in-park companion for Disney World fans.
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Published 01.12.2018

11 Secret Facts About Walt Disney No One Ever Knew Until Now

There's more to Disney than meets the eye. From underground tunnels to secret tours, here are the most surprising Disney World and.
Susan Veness

15 Things You Never Knew About Walt Disney World

Still, when your resort welcomes millions of guests each year, there are a whole bunch of experiences to manage. From its hidden underground tunnels that only a select few will ever see to its 30, guest rooms that would take 68 years to stay in, Disney World has a lot going on that most guests never see—or know about. Buildings taller than feet are required to flash aviation lights. And, of course, that would ruin some of the magic. To use the system, custodians remove trash and dump it into special processors. The tunnel walls are color-coded so cast members can easily know where they are.

Here are a few of my favorite little-known Walt Disney World factoids to The " underground city" network of not-so-secret tunnels really exists.
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If you where in Liberty Square, you can't see Fantasyland because of trees, buildings, and distractions like the water wheel. The noise keeps you from looking to your left and seeing the other lands even the pavement changes to match the new [mood] land. Small pipes shoot the trash through the utilidors under the Magic Kingdom at 60 mph. If there are 2 lines and you can't see the loading area from where you are, take the line to the left. Most CMs arrive to work in their own clothes and then check in at costuming to pick up their costume.

Even if you're a Disney freak, chances are you'll learn a thing or two from Vaness, who has been writing Disney guidebooks since Her trivia book asks multiple choice questions like, "What was the original nickname given to Walt Disney World? Here are some more little-known facts from the book about Walt Disney World Yes, that's the one in Florida :. A military veteran takes part in a flag-lowering ceremony every day at 5 p. Main Street U. If you hang out in the library for a few minutes after the Enchanted Tales with Belle show ends, the crew will explain some of their technical tricks, like bringing the character of Lumiere to life.

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