Quotes from the torah about peace

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quotes from the torah about peace

Torah Quotes (46 quotes)

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Judaism > The Torah 29 quote(s) | Page 1 / 2 | The Torah, Judaism N either good nor peace comes of quarrelling; Cain killed his brother in a quarrel.

Torah Quotes

The tradition commands that people actively pursue peace. And to whom do I give it? To the nation which loves peace! Blessed be He, wished to bless Israel, He could not find a vessel great enough to contain their blessings, except for peace. It is significant that many of the most important Jewish prayers conclude with a supplication for peace.

Imagine you were given the task of selecting from all Jewish holy books a number of passages that summarize the essence of Judaism. The Lubavitcher Rebbe , Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson , a man of extraordinary wisdom and vision, in fact the greatest Jewish leader of our generation, did just that. The Rebbe selected 12 Torah Passages — or 12 Pesukim , from the entire range of Jewish literature and suggested that every child learn these pesukim by heart. Every single Jewish boy or girl inherits the Torah for his or her self. Imagine how happy a person would be if he just received news that he had inherited 10 million dollars!

Shalom ("peace"), is one of the underlying principles of the Torah, Proverbs " Her ways are pleasant ways and all her paths.
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Sep 26 26 Elul Torah Portion. From King Solomon to Einstein, exploring the meaning of some of the best Jewish quotes. If you would have asked me my favorite Yiddish word, I would have said bashert. It translates into the idea that Wiesel so beautifully captured as aphorism in my favorite quote. The older I get the more I am astonished by its truth, both in a national as well as personal sense. The seemingly haphazard, random, and arbitrary events that comprise the story of our lives begin to form a coherent and purposeful narrative when we view them from a divine perspective. Rabbi Benjamin Blech.

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  1. The Hebrew word for peace, shalom , denotes a sense of completion, perfection— shlemut.

  2. The fact that true peace is an eschatological dream, however, does not mean that it is not a Jewish value in the here-and-now. In the Talmud, peace is one of the.

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