Star wars death star alderaan

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star wars death star alderaan

Death Star by Michael Reaves

–Obi-Wan Kenobi

The Death Star’s name says it all, with bone-chilling accuracy. It is a virtual world unto itself–equipped with uncanny power for a singularly brutal purpose: to obliterate entire planets in the blink of an eye. Its annihilation of the planet Alderaan, at the merciless command of Grand Moff Tarkin, lives in infamy. And its own ultimate destruction, at the hands of Luke Skywalker, is the stuff of legend. But what is the whole story, and who are the players, behind the creation of this world-killing satellite of doom?

The near extermination of the Jedi order cleared the way for Palpatine–power-hungry Senator and Sith Lord–to seize control of the Republic, declare himself Emperor, and usher in a fearsome, totalitarian regime. But even with the dreaded Darth Vader enforcing Palpatine’s sinister will, the threat of rebellion still looms. And the Emperor knows that only abject fear–and the ability to punish dissent with devastating consequences–can ensure his unchallenged control of the galaxy. Enter ambitious and ruthless government official Wilhuff Tarkin, architect of the Emperor’s terrifying dream come true.

From inception to completion, construction of the unprecedented Death Star is awash in the intrigues, hidden agendas, unexpected revelations, and daring gambits of those involved on every level. The brightest minds and boldest egos, the most ambitious and corrupt, the desperate and the devious, all have a stake in the Death Star–and its potential to control the fate of the galaxy.

Soldiers and slaves, loyalists and Rebels, spies and avengers, the innocent and the evil–all their paths and fates will cross and intertwine as the Death Star moves from its maiden voyage to its final showdown. And a shadowy chapter of Star Wars history is stunningly illuminated in a thrilling, unforgettable adventure.
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That's No Moon - A New Hope [1080p HD]

The Death Star is a type of fictional mobile space station and galactic superweapon featured in the Star Wars space-opera franchise. The first Death Star, introduced in the original Star Wars film, is stated to be . Star Wars: A New Hope, since the destruction of the planet Alderaan would be the first time the Death Star fired.
Michael Reaves

Death Star

Mirroring many late night caffeine-fueled arguments among Sci-Fi fans, a University of Leicester researcher asks the question:. A paper by David Boulderston University of Leicester sets out to answer that very question. First, for the uninitiated, just what the heck is a Death Star? Boulderston claims that it is possible to estimate how much energy the Death Star would need in order to destroy a planet with its superlaser. There are a number of assumptions made, however, in order to come up with the energy requirement. A second assumption is that the planet is a solid body of uniform density — essentially ignoring the complex interior of planets, due to lack of information on Alderaan itself. Where G is the Gravitational Constant 6.

Science fiction films are rarely about the future. Their distant planets and remote time periods instead seem to reflect upon the concerns and anxieties of the contemporary moment. Terminator 2: Judgement Day capitalised on concerns of a nuclear apocalypse and the fears associated with escalating artificial intelligence. In the 21st century, in this era being referred to as The Anthropocene , fears of environmental disaster seem to have eclipsed those of a cold war, nuclear apocalypse or technological singularity. How then does contemporary sci-fi respond to these pressures and demands of living on a dying planet?

If ever one needed an example of the irredeemable evil that was the Empire, turn to the shattered remains of Alderaan. An influential world, Alderaan was represented in the waning days of the Republic by such venerated politicians as Bail Antilles and Bail Organa.
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Destruction of Alderaan

Death Star Destroys Alderaan - Extended Fan Edit - Star Wars.

They were presumably paying taxes and providing resources to the rest of the Empire. This is a pretty standard imperial tactic for dealing with rebellion. The Romans would do this in the eastern empire every once in a while. A city would become a hotbed of rebellion, threatening to pull other cities into the action. The Romans would wipe out that one city, no matter how wealthy Palmyra comes to mind to put any other potential rebels on notice. Kind of like a mastectomy.

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  1. An additional Departures board in Heathrow listed destinations in the Star Wars universe replete with references to the films.

  2. But the Emperor and Imperial officers like Grand Moff Tarkin underestimated the tenacity of the Rebel Alliance, who refused to bow to this technological terror….

  3. Around 21 BBY, during the Clone Wars, Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, and A small fleet of Star Destroyers had escorted the Death Star to Alderaan. Tarkin.

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