Books about hong kong history

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books about hong kong history

Hong Kong Book Lists

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The History of Hong Kong

The Best Books About Hong Kong. Books for sale at a market . Steve Yui-Sang Tsang – A Modern History of Hong Kong. Using research from.

The bookworm’s guide to Hong Kong

The book takes us on a journey through much of Southeast Asia. Through the eyes of George Smiley, caretaker chief of the British secret intelligence service, MI6, our imaginations are filled with scenes of drug smuggling, helicopter rescues and espionage. Set in , just after the British acquisition of the island, the novel follows protagonists Dirk Struan and Tyler Brock, former shipmates turned business rivals, each vying for profit and looking to expand their commercial empires. Action more your thing? Set towards the end of British rule, Jason Bourne is forced to take action and return to his old hunting ground of Asia when his wife, Marie, is kidnapped.

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Fall of Hong Kong (1941)

In its last days under British rule, Jan Morris explores Hong Kong's complex past, present — and future. Humped or supine, silent in the haze, to the south and west the islands seem to lie bewitched along the dim blue coast of China, and to the north a line of mainland hills stands like a rampart — the hills of Kowloon, or Nine Dragons. With luck the sea, when the mist disperses, will be a tremendous emerald green, and if one looks with a sufficiently selective eye it is easy enough to imagine the place as it was when it first entered world history, years ago. They float paper boats shaped like junks and steamships. One is double-prowed like the cross-harbour Star Ferry which plies its way back and forth between Hong Kong [island] and Kowloon, never having to turn around. The fishermen load each tiny paper boat with some tea leaves, a drop of cooking oil, a spoonful of rice, a splash of petrol, before setting it afloat.

Make Your Own List. Hong Kong continues to simmer with tension, years on from the 'Umbrella Protests' that made news around the world. But will it lead to advances in democracy or crackdowns by Beijing? Jason Ng , lawyer and author of Umbrellas in Bloom , chooses five of the best books for understanding China's 'foster child' city. Interview by Alec Ash. Born in Hong Kong, Jason Y.

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  1. Hong Kong is one of the world's most enigmatic cities and its complex history has captured people's imaginations around the world, these ten.

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