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no child of mine 1997 download

No Child of Mine by Susan Lewis

From internationally bestselling British author Susan Lewis comes an unflinching, thoroughly suspenseful novel—perfect for readers of Jodi Picoult—about the darkest secrets a family can hide.
Alex Lake’s life is centered on helping people. Her job as a social worker in a British seaside town is more than a career: It’s the very essence of who she is. And though there are frustrations, Alex takes to heart the rewards of placing a child in a safe and loving home. But when she encounters three-year-old Ottilie Wade, Alex is completely unprepared for the effect the sweet, shy little girl has on her. Though on the surface Ottilie seems to want for nothing—she’s perfectly healthy and lives in a very nice home—she’s mysteriously silent and asocial. Alex knows that something is not right in the Wade house. And the deeper she looks into the case, the more Alex comes to feel that she and Ottilie are being drawn together by fate.
As disturbing evidence mounts and Alex’s superiors seem unwilling to help, Alex knows she will have to risk everything—her job and the life she loves—to save Ottilie. But Alex will also have to wrestle the demons of her own past before she can secure a future for this child in need.

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The Unloved (full movie)

Disturbing insight into child abuse

Just Arrived. New Arrivals. A disturbing true story about child abuse. Thirteen-year-old Kerry is repeatedly sexually abused by several adults, including at one point her mother. Her father sets her up as a prostitute. Kerry finally calls Childline and is put in a safe house, where she tries to come to terms with what has been done to her.

Sign in. No host? No problem. Watch funny moments, inspiring speeches, and more highlights from the Emmy Awards. Watch now. A film that gives a child's eye view of the U. A woman accustomed to always having the last word in every situation, finds herself trying to "rescue" her grandson, Jesse, from being signed away to grow up in an institution for Down's Syndrome children.

It documents the true case of a girl named Kerry who was sexually abused throughout her childhood. Shortly after, her mother's new boyfriend moves in with them and begins physically and sexually abusing her. Kerry's father, Jim, a construction worker, attempts to manipulate her into prostitution, something she is unaware of until a few truck drivers "borrow" her. Kerry's situation worsens at home, with Jim abusing Linda and her boyfriend named Graham for abusing Kerry, and she avoids returning home. One of her class teachers suddenly becomes aware of her situation and attempts to have her placed in childcare.

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IT began with an idyll: year-old Kerry munching a Curly Wurly bar and singing in the car with her father. Ten minutes later, Dad gas using Kerry to pay a poker debt. He gave her to a middle-aged man, who, we knew, was going to rape her. She put her small hand in the big hand of the rapist - the s image of betrayal, ever since a Big Brother camera caught Jon Venables leading James Bulger out of a Liverpool shopping centre. Small hand in big hand used to be an image of guardianship. In No Child Of Mine, it was used to evoke horrors which a more graphic treatment would inevitably render sickeningly pornographic.

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