Line of succession queen victoria

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line of succession queen victoria

Queen Victoria by Lytton Strachey

This is not in Lytton Stracheys crafty and mordant biography but he would have seen this and smirked his head off. When Queen Victoria got married, the joke going round the gentlemens clubs of Mayfair was about the honeymoon train. It would be setting out from Waterloo, passing through Virginia Water and Bushey until arriving at Maidenhead, leaving Staines behind.

(For those unfamiliar with the geography of the Home Counties, these are all small towns in the south of England.)

When the British throne is occupied by a female person, there is always a strange story behind it, because, obviously, that should never happen. For there to be a Queen, a lot of men have to have died. How Victoria got to be Queen was really most convoluted and unlikely but she did. She was the great transition between monarchs who actually did something to monarchs who just represented something.

I prefer them when they dont do anything at all, like Charles I after he was decapitated. Theyre the best sort.
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The royal weddings that shaped European history

England and Scotland had been in personal union under the House of Stuart since 24 March Her total reign was 12 years and 21 weeks. The Hanoverian succession came about as a result of the Act of Settlement , passed by the Parliament of England , which excluded " Papists " i.
Lytton Strachey

Your Complete Guide to the British Royal Family Tree and Line of Succession

The British royal family tree and line of succession is going through some changes. Nearly a year after their marriage last May, Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, announced on Monday that they welcomed their first child , a baby boy. The news comes a few months after Princess Eugenie of York married Jack Brooksbank , and a little over a year since Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, welcomed their latest royal baby boy, Prince Louis , in April The most famous family in Britain is a notoriously complicated one, with a few divorces, second marriages and name repetitions. To make matters even more complicated, the British royal line of succession is also pretty complex.

See below for a chart depicting the history and lineage of the British royal family:. Then, check out these living descendants of other famous people you may know. By All That's Interesting.
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Who was Queen Victoria?

Born into a succession crisis, Victoria was fifth in line at the time of her birth, and her father was the fourth child of the reigning king, George III. So how did Victoria become queen? And why did she succeed her uncle King William IV? Dr Kate Williams reveals all And many at the time agreed with his assessment. The little princess was further hampered by other matters: an unprepossessing appearance, shyness, a wilful temper, and, most of all, a greedy mother who wished to use her daughter as a tool to power. But Victoria was also spirited, vibrant and determined, and, from a young age, determined to be queen.

For a woman who was reportedly none too keen on having children and flat-out despised pregnancy, it may come as a surprise that Queen Victoria's genetic legacy has had such far-reaching and monarchy-defining power. With nine children of her own, who in turn gave her 42 grandchildren, it's hardly a stretch to understand why the iconic Queen was nicknamed "the grandmother of Europe. Indeed, of the approximately 28 surviving monarchies around the world, five of them are held by descendants of Victoria. The most obvious of Queen Victoria's descendants is, naturally, the current queen of England. In , she surpassed Victoria as the longest reigning British monarch in history.

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