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best places to grow old

Growing Older Quotes (67 quotes)

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Published 13.12.2018

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Researchers from Columbia University and USC have uncovered the five best places in the country to age. The Index is composed of various social and economic indicators that reflect the status and wellbeing of older people in a country. These included productivity and engagement, wellbeing, equity, cohesion and security.

The best US cities for growing old, according to economists

Do you ever sit there and picture the perfect retirement? Where are you? Perhaps somewhere with an idyllic riverside setting or a beach house in a warmer climate? Well researchers from Columbia University and USC have revealed the top places to age, based on how countries are adapting to an increase in their elderly population. The Index of Societal Ageing scores the countries based on several factors, such as wellbeing , equity, productivity, social cohesion, engagement and security. These economic and social indicators can give an accurate picture of how well societies are adapting.

Bob Wheeler, who has lived in the same house since he was 14 years old, tends to the roses he planted in the front yard for his now-deceased mother at his home in Portland, Oregon, AP It's a stereotype that retired Americans retire often flock to cities in sunny states like California and Florida. But a growing number of people ages 65 and older say they would rather age in their current communities.
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5. Best: Nebraska

You're better off growing old in Utah than in any other state, according to a new report that ranks the best states to grow old when it comes to financial costs, health care and quality of life., The golden years can be glittering or glum depending on where you live. Thanks to improvements in nutrition, sanitation and medical technology, the global population is getting older.

If you can't hang out in Neverland, you're best off getting old in Sweden and avoiding Afghanistan, Africa and some of the fastest-growing emerging markets. At least that's what the introductory Global AgeWatch Index from HelpAge International, a non-governmental organization focusing on assistance and advocacy for older people, suggests. HelpAge created the index to measure 13 different indicators, grouped into income security, health, employment and education and an enabling environment, which includes access to public transport. Slideshow : Countries With Aging Populations. Universal pensions help to boost Sweden and its neighbor Norway to the top two spots, with consistent histories of social protections and healthcare providing additional fillips. Canada and the U. New Zealand and European countries Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Iceland round out the top nine, with Japan taking the tenth spot.

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