Secret stories of walt disney world

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secret stories of walt disney world

Secret Stories of Walt Disney World: Things You Never Knew You Never Knew by Jim Korkis

Over the past several months, Ive been buying some of Jim Korkis books. Thinking that this one was no different than the others, I thought Id take a chance. All of the others seemed badly written. I personally was thinking Oh great, I have to read ANOTHER Korkis book. But after reading this book, I really was really enthused. This was the first Jim Korkis book that I actually was enthused with reading, making me think that this book isnt just another Korkis book. Although the chapters were pretty short still, they seemed to be in a logical order and well thought out and researched. I actually felt I was reading a book that was written by another person other than him - this book was just that great! Yes, the book had a few thuds, but no book is ever 100% perfect, when dealing with Disney Parks trivia. As a reader, youll read through some of the snippets that he once told other Disney employees about - but even this history is covered in the Foreword chapter of the book.

Prepare yourself for long informative chapters. Although the Kindle version combines each of the snippets into chapters according to Part-sections (for those reading with (time left to end of chapter)), I can definitely tell he wrote them in logical orderings.

I didnt like the second part as much as all the others. Basing the second part on the hotels of Disney World, wasnt really a thrilling aspect, as these arent things a normal visitor could see without walking into each hotel at least once. However, its interesting to know just how much of this trivia I didnt know, as a precursor to a time when I can take a stroll into these hotels in the many years to come in my life.

Although you won me over on this book, I think Ill stick with reading books outside of yours, and take an occasional chance when need-be.
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Disney Parks: the Secrets, Stories and Magic Behind the Scenes

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There be secrets ahead. Disney secrets. Mickey doesn't want you to know how the magic is made, but Jim Korkis knows, and if you read Jim's book, you'll know, too. Put the kids to bed. Pull those curtains.

Now, with the neighbors gone home and the kids asleep, Jim has a special treat: other secret stories of Walt Disney World. Gather round. Reading secret stories about Walt Disney World. And no one knows more Disney secrets than Jim Korkis. Just when it seems like the secrets well is dry, the often imitated, never duplicated Korkis hits a gusher:. Each story is short enough to read whenever you have a spare moment that needs Disney in it.

Almost every page contained details that I had never noticed before. On a future visit I will probably have to carry this book along with me so I can be as informed as your readers.
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Author Jim Korkis has carved out quite a niche as a story teller with extensive knowledge of Disney history., Sign in with Facebook Sign in options.

While walking down Main Street, you might not realize that Cinderella's Castle isn't as big as you think it is. Even if you know the basic secrets of Disney World , there are plenty of small details and little-known facts about the "Happiest Place on Earth" that even the most diehard Disney fan might have never heard. From the secret utilidor tunnels underneath Magic Kingdom to the abandoned waterpark hidden on the property, INSIDER has rounded up 22 of the most surprising secrets that will give you a behind-the-scenes peek of Disney World. This secret suite hidden inside Cinderella's Castle was originally built for Walt Disney and his family, even though he passed away long before Disney World opened. In recent years, the suite was repurposed as accommodations for special guests. The rooms are decked out with a Jacuzzi tub, 17th century furniture, a Cinderella mosaic floor made with karat gold, and a clock that is perpetually frozen at Unfortunately, you can't actually book a stay there, but Disney holds regular sweepstakes to win a night's stay in the suite.



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