Kindle fire charging problem fix

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kindle fire charging problem fix

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Published 12.12.2018

Kindle Fire Won't Charge Fix

Unfortunately, many models of the Kindle Fire have a consistent and persistent design problem that Amazon seems to have had difficulty in.

Kindle Fire Doesn't Charge

The Kindle Fire tablet by Amazon is one of a kind. It is comfortable to handle, has unparalleled portability and doesn't have a lot of weight. When one handles the Kindle Fire tablet, that person immediately feels how sleek it is and may even want to purchase their own. The tablet comes with a 7-inch screen that has a high-quality resolution. The Amazon tablet has been tested for its durability and has been found to be impervious to bumps.

Here are some widely reported Kindle Fire problems, and a few clear troubleshooting steps that you can follow to get your Amazon Fire tablet back on track. Press and hold the Power button for 40 seconds or more until it.
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Checking the Kindle Fire Charger Cable

Possibly these are; as kindle charging problem is quite persistent and bother users now and then. With time Amazon has launched new versions, and their endeavor got success as Kindle sales graph is moving handsomely upwards with every passing month and year. Before you start checking or repairing any hardware or software, here is a list of specific step that you should follow to resolve your kindle fire charging issue. Most probably it will start charging now. If you see the lighting sign in the battery indicator icon means your device is charging now.

The Kindle Fire is a great way to engross yourself in a good book or enjoy a nice game of candy crush without the need of a big book or a heavy computer. However, with all electronic devices, they can break down. In the case of the Kindle Fire, the USB port used for charging can become dislodged or wear out from normal use after the warranty is up. Buying a new one or paying to have it fixed can become costly. These instructions will help fix this small problem. The process takes around 45 minutes to an hour and half. This repair does require the skills to solder small parts back together and should not be attempted by children.

If your Kindle Fire doesn't charge, follow these steps. Before you begin, make sure that: You are using a power adapter and the micro-USB cable that came with your device. You are charging your device from a power outlet. Note: Using a USB port connected to a computer will increase charging time or may not charge at all. If your device is turned on, the battery indicator will look like this when your Kindle Fire is charging:.

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