Cat climbing in christmas tree

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cat climbing in christmas tree

The Cat That Climbed the Christmas Tree by Susanne Santoro Whayne

Who doesnt love adorable cuddly kittens even as they hang from your Christmas tree or ignore your express desires to explore wherever their tiny paws scamper? Already you have an idea that impending doom is coming to our kitten protagonist but can there also be a beautiful blessing as well if he reaches his goal?

The story was full of beautiful descriptions that helped the reader to be conveyed to this familys ornaments and traditions. Layering slowly one by one you get to unravel the tree and continue to follow your guide up into the branches as he gets to learn about the family in this intimate way.

The pictures were charming and although the little mouse ornament looked cartoonish it was with enough element that it wasnt a turn-off. The spirit of the curious kitten is caught amidst the brightness of Christmas and the beauty of the story is captured via the same illustrations.

All in all there is a beautiful Christmas story and lesson waiting to be read for those who enjoy their impish kittens.
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Cat climbs in Christmas tree

Rest assured that if a cat can climb something, they probably will climb it. And that includes your Christmas tree! For many people, the holidays.
Susanne Santoro Whayne

Help! How do I Keep My Cat Out of the Christmas Tree?

Flashing lights, ornaments dangling on strings, and a natural climbing structure just arrived in your living room. And your cat seems…interested. Rightly so. A few simple steps can help keep your cat out of the Christmas tree and away from the ornaments. We would never tell you not to go full out on your holiday decorating.

Is your cat smitten by your Christmas tree — so intrigued that she clambers onto it, knocking needles, decorations, and tinsel everywhere? Or perhaps she has even come close to knocking over the entire tree?
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When All Else Fails

Cats and Christmas—such a delightful combination. Exuberant cats running through a sea of wrapping paper. Coy cats hiding in boxes. Worn-out cats snoozing in front of the fire. But for cats, the holiday season is also filled with hazards—from visitors who leave the front door wide open to ribbons that look inviting but can wreak havoc on the feline digestive system if they are swallowed. The venerable Christmas tree, adorned with all its trimmings, poses its own set of dangers to cats, and the reverse is also true. Luckily, there are ways to help ensure that your cat and your Christmas tree are not a threat to each other.

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