Everybody has a plan until they get hit

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everybody has a plan until they get hit

Mike Tyson Quotes (Author of Undisputed Truth)

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Published 12.12.2018

Everybody Has a Plan

Mike Tyson

Before he lost his air of invincibility before he became a convicted rapist and then, ultimately, a side show Mike Tyson was a greatly feared boxer. Whether it was because of his fierce style, the historic weakness of the post-Larry Holmes heavyweight division or some combination of the two, no one had an answer for him for the first four years of his career. He was simply unstoppable. What they would do that the guy who was knocked senseless by Tyson a couple of months before did not do. They all had different answers. It never worked.

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth - Mike Tyson. There's a lot of truth and value in that quote, but understanding the context behind it is important. It's boxing - everyone understands they will be punched in the mouth, has practiced getting punched, etc. You need a plan, but have to be able to adapt to changing circumstances. For reference, that quote was given in an interview about his upcoming fight against Evander Holyfield. Holyfield dominated the fight, Tyson bit him twice, and the fight was stopped in the 11th round with Holyfield as the winner.

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But does this mean that there is no need to plan? Absolutely not. Holyfield was no doubt smarter and more strategic than Tyson hard not to be , but was Tyson right? Tyson was a brawler, awesome at powerfully fighting his way out of a corner and landing devastating blows. Could Holyfield have planned to have half of his ear bitten off? Holyfield won. He won.

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