Andrew saul high dose vitamin c

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andrew saul high dose vitamin c

Andrew W. Saul Quotes (Author of Doctor Yourself)

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Published 12.12.2018

High-Dose Vitamin C Therapy for Major Diseases: A Historical Perspective Andrew Saul, PhD

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Oral High-Dose Vitamin C for Major Diseases

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Recent columns have discussed the history of vitamin C supplementation, time-proven uses of vitamin C and recent vitamin C research. Many ask whether high dose use of vitamin C supplements reduces health risks. We wanted to get to the bottom of high dose use of vitamin C with an expert in the field. This month we examine some of the uses of oral high-dosage vitamin C with Dr. Andrew W.

Consequently, I am very familiar with utilizing high-dose vitamin C to prevent and cure illness. Now that I have children of my own, vitamins help keep them healthy, too. I think you can do the same for your family. While I am not a doctor, and you should always work with yours, here are answers to some of the most common questions I have received about vitamin C. Topics addressed include its use in children, during pregnancy and lactation, for the treatment of illness, for the prevention of vaccination side effects, as well as help with vitamin C dosing, form, and frequency. Your optimal dose of vitamin C depends on one thing: you.

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Can Vitamin C Heal Cancer Or Bring People Back From The Dead?

Andew Saul, world-renowned therapeutic nutrition specialist, creator of That Vitamin Movie , founder of DoctorYourself. Saul talks about the power of taking high-dose vitamin c, why niacin can change your life, and how to doctor yourself to keep yourself healthy. Check out Andrew on: Website: doctoryourself. These will be the highest quality and purest supplements on the market! Podcast: Play in new window Download. Subscribe: Android.



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