Books about being married to an alcoholic

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books about being married to an alcoholic

The Dilemma of the Alcoholic Marriage by Al-Anon Family Groups

Every aspect of a relationship takes on the nature of a dilemma when one or both partners are alcoholic. Here, the relatives and friends of alcoholics openly and honestly talk about their marriages and dealing with problems primarily involving sex, communication, maturity, feelings, personalities, security, and independence. Together, these Al-Anon members encourage the reader to let the understanding, love, and peace of the [Al-Anon] program grow in you one day at a time.
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Awesome Al-Anon Speaker Barbara K. - "Try Being Married to an Alcoholic Lutheran Minister!"

6 Essential Books for Those with an Addicted Loved One

In this compassionate if repetitious defense of nondrinking women who stay married to alcoholics, Kokin The Myth of Women's Masochism , a clinical psychologist who directs a Montreal drug rehabilitation center, indignantly denies the view held by some that women cause or foster their husbands' addictions in order to achieve control. Often blamed for continuing or ending the marriage, women can feel like hostages, and see no options other than to cover up the abuse and their anger, despair and guilt, according to the author. In addition to analyzing the causes, types and effects of addiction, the book recommends therapy for all involved: "intervention" by a team of concerned persons guided by a specialist to confront the husband with his problems; individual or family therapy; and support groups such as AA and Al-Anon for family members. Coauthor Walker is a Canadian freelance writer. First serial to New Woman. Copyright Reed Business Information, Inc. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

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The quality of human relationships depends largely upon the way we communicate with each other. It depends not only on what we say but how we say it; not only on what we do but our motives for doing it. Our tone of voice and even our smallest actions are elements of communication; many of us are hardly aware of these. When a relationship is distorted by an unbalanced dependence, or by suspicion, hostility, excessive demands, and expectations, these flaws reveal themselves in the way the two people communicate with each other. If a man marries a woman because he was attracted by her warm maternal quality, as many alcoholics do, he is likely to be the dependent one.

Loving someone who suffers from addiction is one of the hardest things a human being can go through. The situations and emotions a person experiences while a loved one struggles with drugs or alcohol can be completely overwhelming. But things can always be better. Instead it teaches you how you can play an active, important role in affecting change in your loved one, by using—are you ready for this? It also stresses the importance of self-care, which is so often overlooked by those who are trying to help a loved one in the throes of addiction. It does not take a miracle.

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  1. The Alcoholic Husband Primer: Survival Tips For The Alcoholic's Wife She wrote several other books, including Lifeskills for Adult Children; The . I had been struggling with accepting the disease and the man as being two different entities.

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