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1 2 1 1 3 4 court press

Full Court Press (Courting Love, #1) by Sierra Hill

***Heís the king on the court and will go full-court-press to get the girl.***
An enemies-to-lovers college sports romance.

As a college basketball player, I donít chase girls Ė they come to me. Iím the star athlete everyone wants a piece of, with skills on the court and in the sheets.
I get what I want, when I want it.
Iím unstoppable.
Until I meet Ainsley Locker.
She doesnít play games but plays hard to get, seemingly resistant to my charm.
Thatís okay because I like a good challenge.
And my plan is to go full-court-press to win her over and make her mine.
As long as I donít foul out in the process.

** Note: This book was previous titled Sweetness. Same great story with a fresh new look.**
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1-3-1 Half Court Pressure Defense

The press (diamond) is an aggressive full court press with many different FREE DOWNLOAD: The 3 best shooting drills ever created (Click to download) . 4. Fatigue your opponent. If your team runs a full-court press they must be fit.
Sierra Hill

1-2-2 Containment 3/4 Court Zone Press

A full-court press is a basketball term for a defensive style in which the defense applies pressure to the offensive team the entire length of the court before and after the inbound pass. Pressure may be applied man-to-man , or via a zone press using a zone defense. Some presses attempt to deny the initial inbounds pass and trap ball handlers either in the backcourt or at midcourt. Defenses not employing a full-court press generally allow the offensive team to get halfway down the court a half-court press or near the basket before applying strong defensive pressure. A full-court press takes a great deal of effort, but can be an effective tactic. Often when teams are behind late in a game, they will apply full-court pressure as a means of attempting to produce turnovers as well as tire opponents.

This zone press is an easy press to teach, and is a fairly safe press to run with some "back" coverage to prevent the lay-up. There are several variations of this press. With each of these variations, X1, X2 and X3 work together as a unit, while X4 and X5 work together as your "back" unit.
once and for all summary


The Full Court Zone Press is one of the more utilised rotations for defensive trapping systems in the full court. Often used as a common alternative to the alignment to try and extended defenders further down the court and limit options used by offensive teams to make long passes over the head of the last line of defenders. The alignment described within the scenario below places the One 1 not at the top of the press, but in the third line of the Full Court Zone Press. This is unusual as most defences have the Point Guard who is one of the quicker players on the team involved in the trap. This alternative has been highlighted as a way of putting the most crucial position in the Full Court Zone Press in the hands of the most basketball savvy player, which is often the Point Guard. The player in the third line of the defence will be responsible for making the most crucial decisions to guard or not guard players.

Check it out here. Is your team lacking in talent? Read on. So why do we retreat to our own half and let the opponent casually stroll up the court? I even recommend having two units and substitute all 5 players each time. Most teams have a significant drop off outside their starting 5. Exciting style of play, builds chemistry and everybody get shot opportunities.

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