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syed zaid zaman hamid biography

From Indus to Oxus: A Memoir: Experiences, Observations and Travels in the Melting Pot of History by Zaid Hamid


A very well written memoir that accurately depicts the life and struggles of the Afghan Mujahideen during Afghan-Soviet War. It is not only entertaining but also educational. After reading this book, you can understand the Afghanistan of today and the struggles that we are still going through. Common but grave misconceptions are cleared and one can truly appreciate the sacrifices of civilians and the fighters, that they gave to remain free.

This book made me realise that very heavy price is to be paid if the wrong decisions are made by the people with authority. Pakistan made mistakes after mistakes then, and we are still paying the price. And now again we are facing similar crisis and still mistakes are being made.

We can just hope for the best and do what we can in our meager capacities.
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Published 11.12.2018

Secret Of Pakistan ( Syed Zaid Hamid )

Family Background of Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Nobody knows what the truth is but one Pakistani, Zaid Hamid, is said to have been nabbed in Saudi Arabia during a minor pilgrimage and condemned to eight years in jail and 1, lashes — bunched in weekly instalments — for badmouthing the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He was once popular on TV talk shows in Pakistan and had quite a following, appearing in military fatigues — his father was in the army — under a red cap and giving good tidings about a forthcoming battle ghazva against infidel India. He spouted sharia — lambasting the West and its borrowed curse, democracy — the political masala that sells in all Muslim societies these days. He added another fundamentalist but stupid arrow to his quiver — monarchy is un-Islamic. No surprise that with his ghazva theme, he soon attracted followers.

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So, I turn to you, my collective hive brain. He has, from most accounts, secured a niche similar to Glenn Beck in Pakistani media — combining ultra-nationalism with a taste for finding Zionist or Hindu involvement in the Pakistani sphere. Alrighty then. Some other hair-raising stuff here with Ali Azmat. He is also, through his privately produced program Brass Tacks , engaged in producing historical narratives — from Khalid b.

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  1. Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid better known as Zaid Hamid, is right-wing political commentator, writer and columnist. He was mentioned in The Muslim in their .

  2. Zaid Hamid was born in Karachi on March 14, His father, Col depression -creator Traitor” on the Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid[Official] page.

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