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games similar to nancy drew

Dangerous Games by Carolyn Keene


An urgent message draws NANCY DREW and her friends to the International Championship Games in California. It seems a mysterious figure called the Black Knight wants to force star athletes off the track and into the hospital. But when Nancy starts to dig for clues, the young sleuth finds she is a moving target in a high-risk event--where any mistake is fatal.


The HARDY BOYS show up at the games to help beef up security--and uncover a scandal. Along with acts of sabotage, theres evidence of illegal steroid use by certain athletes. But Frank and Joes most critical problem is the Black Knight. The murderous phantom is about to deal a deathblow the competition. And the brother detectives are top picks for the all-victim squad...
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2019 Mega Marathon - Nancy Drew #25: Alibi in Ashes

What are the best games like Nancy Drew?

The series features over a dozen games and is one of the longest running series of mysteries that tends to provide you with quality entertainment and immerses you deeply with the brilliant stories. Throughout the series Nancy Drew offers a number of different environments, stories, characters and various gameplay experiences etc. With all the fantastic story-driven gameplays, Nancy Drew lets you enjoy both exploration and Detective aesthetics and that is what makes the whole series a marvelous creation of all time. Select a Platform. Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall puts the player into the role of the protagonist who is a female detective and embarks him on an epic adventure.

Nancy Drew

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Presenting the character Cole Phelps the game is defined in the city of Los Angeles. As a police officer, Phelps worked well in many police sectors and in every Department, he worked through various partners having unique groups of skills in crime investigations and interrogations. Gamers are able to resolve the cases of various categories, assigned to them as the investigation duties by utilizing their own capabilities, Gamer generally utilizes melee attacks, lots of guns and flights cars and trucks of different types in an open world environment. With really 3d images graphics, exciting game-play and an attractive and well-inscribed story-line, L. A Noire requires to a fresh dimension of Action-Adventure and Shooting game experience. A Noire is one of the best games like Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy. Life is Strange is an Adventure video game with Interactive Drama element.

Also, all of them can be played on the PC, unless otherwise specified. For an all-around decent adventure game: Syberia. The gameplay is a simply point and click, 3rd person adventure game. I know a lot of people think the plot is simply stunning and depressing and deep and whatnot. The music and graphics are brilliant. There are about 9 currently available, but I know a few of them are seek-and-find type games so I will only be listing the more adventure-game ones. IN the games, you can look at things with a magnifying glass, examine things under a microscope, perform experiments in a lab—lots of very cliche, fun, detectivey things.

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  1. r/nancydrew: For all things Nancy Drew. So I wanted to ask the reddit community what games you liked that are similar to ND. I've played a handful of games.

  2. Find out What are the best games like Nancy Drew, including Life is Strange, The Wolf Among Us, L.A. Noire and 8 other top answers suggested and ranked by.

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