Lets play a game lets play murder

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lets play a game lets play murder

Let’s Play Make-Believe by James Patterson

Wow, what a twisty and turny story. Martin Hawking and Christy Moore are both survivors of rough divorces and are going through tough times. They are introduced through a mutual friend and immediately hit it off.

Theyre both in love and Martin is your typical nice guy who just wants to make his girl happy and pulls me in and I believe that to be true, but Christy is an entirely different story. She is in the process of divorcing her husband, the rich and handsome Brennan Moore, a man who treated her horribly and for what reason? Because he could. Martin, wanting to make Christy happy does anything she wants but what he doesn’t know is that things are not what they seem and this is a dangerous game. A game of make-believe…

Not the best but what could I expect? The book’s only a hundred and forty pages long. But really I would have liked a little description. Not the best characters and I really like reading detailed characters but that wasn’t the case here.

Im a sucker for a sloppy romantic love story. This is what Make-Believe is all about. They are pretending what love is, what romance is, what marriage is. Theyve both been married before, and unhappily at that. Not my favorite, honestly. Things were so slow and sometimes boring and the plot twist in the end came out of nowhere! Seriously, I would’ve liked a few hints, but nope it hit me like a punch in the gut. And really only the last few chapters were entertaining the rest of the book was just lovey-dovey romance filled with sex, kisses and cheesy dates. Overall, I was not hugely impressed. If you like incredibly lovey-dovey relationships with psychos, go read this.
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MURDER MYSTERY in Camp Minecraft (Funny Moments)

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James Patterson

Let's Play

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  1. Let's Play, Geoff, Jack, Michael, Gavin, Ray, Ryan, This has been the most requested game in our let's play comments so here we are completely . Collin, Achievement Hunter loves playing Gmod: Murder - probably because in order to win.

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