Submission move in mixed martial arts

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submission move in mixed martial arts

Submission Moves: An MMA Romance by Camilla Sisco

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Grappling vs Striking: 3 BJJ Takedowns & Submissions

A submission is a combat sports term for yielding to the opponent, and hence resulting in an immediate defeat.
Camilla Sisco

The 25 Most Painful Submissions in MMA

The early days of mixed martial arts were dominated by Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as Royce Gracie made quick work out of all of his opponents, winning the first two Ultimate Fighting Championship tournaments. It was also the first time many people got to see how effective the grappling arts, in general, were against the striking-based styles. Put an experienced striker in a cage against an equally experienced grappler and the latter was more likely to emerge victorious. Sure, the striker could manage to land a big shot and end the fight, but a lot of the time the grappler is more likely to secure a takedown. Overall, submissions were responsible for over 20 percent of all victories in the Ultimate Fighting Championship from UFC 1 This is arguably the most popular submission in mixed martial arts.

If you want to dominate the mount with strikes in MMA then you need to be able to quickly block and stop mount escapes from …. Jack Hermansson pulled …. In this …. More Millender Vs. This is quite …. This one is simple and effective, just …. If you want to improve your defence against the back mount whether for MMA or BJJ then this is an excellent tutorial on how to ….

You can find out which submissions are on the rise and which submissions are getting less effective throughout the evolution of Mixed Martial Arts. We take this data and break it down in a multitude of ways, with this data we can deliver some vary intriguing insight. For example:. Here are the core numbers for total submissions, the percentage of fights finished via submission and the ratio of fights that get finished via submission. As with all of the data on this page these stats are live and up to date with every UFC fight ever. The simplest first graph we can look at to begin with is the total amount of submission achieved in UFC competition year on year. As expected as the UFC has gained in popularity and hosted far greater events so the number of submissions have also risen.

Over 5,000 Fights and 25 years of fight data tracked and analysed!

5 Common Street Fight Strategies (and How to BEAT Them!)

And many of these illegal BJJ moves still have a ton of validity for MMA applications or self defense situations, so they are well worth learning! This is the definitive way to end a fight, and should be your primary threat anytime you have the rear mount. The straight armbar is one of the most versatile and powerful submissions in BJJ. It can be applied from just about any position, including the mount, sidemount, rear mount, kneemount, against the turtle or from the guard. Below is a very easy way to learn the armbar from the guard, and you can click here for the most common mistakes for the armbar from top or here for the most common armbar from guard mistakes.



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  1. For mixed martial arts' fans with an affinity for the ground game, there is nothing sweeter than seeing a technically savvy grappler submit his opponent.

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