Katharina von bora wedding ring

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katharina von bora wedding ring

Luther and Katharina: A Novel of Love and Rebellion by Jody Hedlund

2016 ECPA Book of the Year for Fiction! 2016 Christy Award Winner for Historical Romance!

Katharina von Bora has seen nothing but the inside of cloister walls since she was five. In a daring escape, Katharina finds refuge with Martin Luther and seeks his help to pair her with the noble, wealthy husband she desires.

As class tensions and religious conflicts escalate toward the brink of war, Martin Luther believes that each day could be his last and determines he will never take a wife.

As the horrors of the bloody Peasant War break out around them, the proud Katharina and headstrong Martin Luther fight their own battle for true love, in one of the greatest love stories of history.
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LUTHER - EIN FESTE BURG Katharina von Bora & Johann Walter - DEMO REFO 500

Jun 13, Congratulations to Martin Luther and Katharina Von Bora, who celebrate their Katharina's golden engagement ring features a crucified Jesus.
Jody Hedlund

Katharina von Bora

All rights reserved. Katharina von Bora, wife of Protestant reformer Martin Luther, was no passive onlooker, as she's portrayed in this engraving. She was instead the savvy manager of the family farm and brewery and Luther's trusted advisor. The middle-aged theology professor was known to be loud, argumentative, and judgmental. Oh, and the pope himself had compared the German theologian to a wild boar, declared him a heretic, and ordered all of his writings burned.

Beyond what is found in the writings of Luther and some of his contemporaries, little is known about her. Despite this, Katharina is often considered one of the most important participants in the Reformation because of her role in helping to define Protestant family life and setting the tone for clergy marriages. Katharina von Bora was the daughter to a family of Saxon petty nobility. Due to the various lineages within the family and the uncertainty about Katharina's birth name, there were and are diverging theories about her place of birth. Recently a different perspective has been proposed: that she was born in Hirschfeld and that her parents are supposed to have been a Hans von Bora zu Hirschfeld and his wife Anna von Haugwitz. It is also possible that Katharina was the daughter of a Jan von Bora auf Lippendorf and his wife Margarete, whose family name has not been established.

If one can judge a man by his choice in wives, Martin Luther deserves high marks, for Katharina was a most remarkable woman. The daughter of an impoverished nobleman, Katharina was sent to a convent at the age of five. Along with 11 other nuns, she escaped from the convent by hiding in the wagon of a fish merchant. Katharina came to Wittenberg, where she met the notorious monk who was causing such a ruckus. The two were married when she was 26 and Martin was 42 by then he, too, had renounced his vows as a monk.

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Katie Luther Wedding Ring Home. Scripts for Sale. Laurel Bio. Contact Us. When Martin Luther proposed was betrothed to Katharina von Bora the ring he gave her was quite elaborate. The components of this ring have been described somewhat differently by various sources. I treasure this beautiful ring which is worn on the index finger of my left hand as Katie wore hers in her wedding portrait painted by Lucas Cranach.

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