Funny food poems that rhyme

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funny food poems that rhyme

The Burger and the Hot Dog by Jim Aylesworth

A burger and a hot dog
One day had a nasty spat.
The burger got insulted
Cause the hot dog called him flat...

So what happened after that? Well, youll have to look inside this book to find out. Because, you see, there is a whole world out there in which burgers, hot dogs, sticky buns, ice-cream bars, bologna, popcorn, and all sorts of other food folks exist together and do and go through all the daily stuff we all do. But its only folks like Jim Aylesworth, together with artist Stephen Gammell, who can bring to us that world in a collection of hilarious rhymes and pictures. After all, what happens when a bunch of sugar cookies give a bagel a hard time, or an ice-cream bar gets stranded on a beach, or a couple of pickles go out dancing?...Well, come on in and see! And when youre done, try to invent some food folks of your own.
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Have Fun with Food Poems!

I truly enjoyed writing the following poems about food. I was inspired to write them due to my passion for food and healthy living. At times it was a challenge, as I was literally drooling on my keyboard. I don't see myself as a health guru far from that. Sometimes, I am guilty of eating foods that are not as good, but I do try to stick to the healthier choices most of the time. For most of us, I think food not only needs to have nutritional value, but it also must taste good.

Show less Rhyme can add a driving music to your poems, giving them a memorable quality that can be a lot of fun. While not all poems need to rhyme, poems that do rhyme tend to seem all the more spectacular for pulling off such a complex composition. If you want to try your hand at rhyming poetry, learn the basics, get inspired, and write your poem! Tip: Keep a small notepad or journal with you at all times so you can record your ideas and write on the go. Tip : If you spot any opportunities for rhyming in your draft, include these rhyming words.

These Food Funny poems are examples of Funny poems about Food. These are the best examples of Funny Food poems written by international poets. You have an ad blocker! We understand, but PoetrySoup is a small privately owned website.

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Jelly, Jam, and Buttered Toast Jelly, jam, and buttered toast. I like breakfast food the most. Bagels, cream cheese, juices -- fresh squeeze, make me say, pass more here please. Lunch will often make me mutter. I'm not fond of peanut butter.

I am posting my favourite two food poems. I think Emily was inspired by a funny food poem of mine see my note under her poem and brought her own imagination to it. I am always happy for you to use my poems for inspiration! Congratulations girls. I am sending you both a copy of my book The Letterbox Cat. I just need to order some more so you may have to wait a bit! Emily R, 10yrs old, Yr.

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