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walt disney world guest relations

Would You Like Magic with That?: Working at Walt Disney World Guest Relations by Annie Salisbury

i recently discovered theme park press, which is the company that published this book, and i cant WAIT to get my hands on all of the books. ???? i absolutely love reading anything and everything disney world related, however sometimes it can get boring reading only Disney sanctioned books and information. its so much more fun to read behind the scenes stuff written by former cast members who will tell it like it is, and give you that insider information.

annie salisbury is funny and irreverent and this book (and her other tell all, the Ride Delegate) was a blast to read; hearing about bitchy, vindictive co-workers, what happens if you open a window in the castle suite while the fireworks are going on, just what its really like in the underground tunnels under the Magic Kingdom and what all is down there. so awesome.

i really wish she would write a couple more books full of her experiences and opinions. obviously being a cast member for disney is a customer service job like any other, with office politics, tears, brown nosers etc etc, but knowing this and actually hearing about it from someone who worked there are two different things and its almost refreshing. when i was younger, it was all about me wanting to keep disney magical and dont think about any behind the scenes or backstage stuff, but now i cant get enough and i love reading about it.

theme park press books are definitely a must read for any true disney fan O?????
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Factors that Make Disney's Guest Service so Successful

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With a distinctly Disney touch, Guest Relations provides a wealth of handy services designed to make your vacation as hassle-free as it can be. Guide Maps for other parks are available there in English only., Guest Relations is the link between Disney and the guests that visit each and every day.

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If there is one thing we would have to say is our favorite part about Disney, it would have to be their unmatched customer service. Guest Relations provides a plethora of resources! Whether this is your first time to Disney, or your 20 th , you never know when you will need the guidance of a friendly, helpful Cast Member. Dining reservations, resort room availability and booking, tickets, tours, special programs, accessibility information, theme park maps and time guides, language guide maps, lost guest support, general assistance, and so much more! Chances are if you have a question you need answered, Guest Relations can not only answer your question but guide you on your way to the next step. If at all possible, they make it happen with a smile! Guest Relations are available at all four theme parks.

The Guest Experience Team can help you out with information about the parks, tours and more. The Guest Experience Team at Magic Kingdom park is easily identified by their blue shirts with the castle logo. They can be found roaming throughout the park and at fixed podiums in the following lands until park close:. They are available to assist Guests from park open to park close at these locations:. They are available to assist Guests from park open to park close at the following locations:.

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