Ripples in a pond poem

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ripples in a pond poem

Quote by Neal Shusterman: “When you drop a pebble into a pond, ripples spr...”

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Water ripples on Longlake Alberta

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One Pebble in a Pond, One Voice Creates Ripples

Submit your work, meet writers and drop the ads. Mar Ripples In A Pond. She stood up from the bed straight faced, turned towards the door and made her way hastily through it. She neared the door ever quickly tears swelling in her eyes before ripping it open and leaving him sitting in the bedroom motionless and still. He meanwhile stared at the ground in awe.

Inspirational Stories — Quotes — Proverbs. Walking by the sea throwing smooth washed pebbles as far as I can.
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Like tossing a pebble into a pond, My long ago memories reflected slowly, In each ripple of sunshine, A Fresh breeze whispering lovely songs to me, From times long past, Every misty morning sunrise brings hazy memories; Memories that traveled from a distant time and place, With eyes wide shut, I dream of times long ago, Thoughts of today's sadness and yesterday's happiness, Seasons' change, the fragrance of kimchi and coffee remain, Waiting some day for the sun from my past to warm my Soul, It's just like, daydreams of your first lover, I'm waiting to touch you again, That we can make new happy memories; Memories that will last for eternity. Share this poem:. Ronald Chapman. Poet's Notes about The Poem. Comments about A Pebble by Ronald Chapman. There is no comment submitted by members.. Read this poem in other languages.

One person with concerns for the state of the world May feel like just one pebble in a pond, Yet that pebble, that one voice, creates ripples When stating concerns to everyone they know, Stating concerns to people we meet everywhere, It takes courage to do this, but if we want to Save our countries, our families, our way of life, I believe we must do it. Islamic terrorists have flooded America, Radical Islamics are demanding their own communities With Sharia law, they want to take over many Countries, just like Muhammad did during his Holy War in the name of Allah, Against all infidels and even peaceful Muslims, With the choice of forced conversion or execution. If they are put in prison, they get many privileges, More privileges than the average citizen. And taxpayers pay for it. Was he arrested because he was on a Watch list? Was he even watched? He was allowed to spread his message On public television.

My voice is but a tiny ripple In this giant pond of life I only make a little plop Amid this hue and strife! If only I were bigger lord And my pond less huge I'd reach so many people I would cause such a deluge! If I could reach over the seas The Lord's words to amplify In perfect calm and with great ease The whole world would He beautify! I'd send His loving words in waves To spread His blessings and His joy Then wait for them to come around And I'd use them; all others to employ! The joy I feel for you within my heart Needs to be shared to make it grow If only we were all farmers And Jesus' seeds we'd sow!

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