Importance of mother son relationship

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importance of mother son relationship

Parents And Children Quotes (382 quotes)

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Published 08.12.2018

The Mother-Son Relationship Dynamic - Ellen & Jayson - Smart Couple Podcast Episode 206

The benefits of a strong mother-son bond

Parenting —When you are a mom all of your children are special, son or daughter, first or last. Each holds a special place in your heart but in a very different way. My son and daughter are polar opposites, thank goodness! It would be a bit boring and mundane to have two kids who thought and acted just alike. Now that my son is half way through high school and I near the end of my time with my son I reflect on the years I have spent with him and how special each moment has been. Sure there have been times when I wanted to just scream but the good memories are much greater than any trouble he has ever given us even though we had to chase him down several times a week when it was time to leave his grandparent's house.

Why Is A Mother-Son Relationship Important?

A healthy mother and son relationship is important because it teaches boys how to treat a woman, and how to respect her as well. Like any relationship, it has to start from the beginning when they are babies and continue onward and into their adulthood. For some moms, bonding with their sons is a challenge. Unlike girls, boys think, do and act differently. This start by you showing respect to him first by speech and then you teach him how to show respect by action.

My two boys have a few activities that interest them right now. They enjoy creating mud holes in the back yard and then wrestling in them. They also enjoy viciously attacking each other with wooden swords they bought with their birthday money. Wrestled in the kitchen. Wrestled their sisters.

New research from the University of Reading says that children, especially boys, who have insecure attachments to their mothers in the early years have more behaviour problems later in childhood. The analysis by Dr Pasco Fearon, from the School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences, looked at 69 studies involving almost 6, children aged 12 and younger. The quality of the relationship between children and their parents is important to children's development, but past research on the link between attachment and development has been inconsistent. The volume, range and diversity of earlier studies made it difficult to get a clear picture. However this new analysis has been able to pull together evidence from past research to answer a number of scientific questions around attachment. According to attachment theory, children with secure attachments expect and receive support and comfort from their care givers. In contrast, children with insecure attachments have requests discouraged, rejected, or responded to inconsistently, which is thought to make them vulnerable to developing behavioural problems.

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