C students are more successful

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c students are more successful

Why "A" Students Work for "C" Students and "B" Students Work for the Government: Rich Dads Guide to Financial Education for Parents by Robert T. Kiyosaki

Kiyosaki expands on his belief that the school system was created to churn out Es / Employees... those A Students who read well, memorize well and test well... and not the creative thinkers, visionaries and dreamers –entrepreneurs-in-the-making... those C Students who grow up to be the innovators and creators of new ideas, businesses, applications and products.

The book urges parents not to be obsessed with their kids letter grades (good grades might only mean they or the student themselves were successful in jamming a square peg into a round hole...) and focus, instead, on concepts, ideas, and helping their child find their true genius, their special gift. The path they can pursue with a love and true passion.

Robert showcases success stories of C Students who grew up to be phenomenal successes – and HIRED those A Students(attorneys, accountants, and other school-smart specialists) to work in their businesses... while the more average students, B Students, often find themselves in government-type jobs...

Not surprisingly, Kiyosaki will coin his own definitions of what A, B, and C stand for as he gives parents and their children bits of wisdom as well as insights and tools for navigating an ever-changing world... an Information Age world where the ability to change and adapt, understand relationships, and anticipate the future will shape their lives.
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Why “C” Students Are More Successful Than “A” Students

Why C Students Usually End Up Being The Most Successful In Life

A letter grade or professional degree often bears little weight compared to entrepreneurship and business acumen. The premise is true, but not for the reasons one may think. As counterintuitive as it may seem, in the world of business, academic prowess doesn't guarantee financial achievement or success. Students who achieve A's and other high marks in school tend to be rule-followers. They understand what is being asked of them and deliver the desired product in the requested form, fashion and timeframe given to them. A students are both intelligent and compliant.

C students challenge outdated models, think for themselves, and are on to bigger things. Here are a few reasons why they are likely to find success.
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Few things matter more to high school and college students than their GPA. There is intense pressure from both society and family for students to perform at a high level and grades are the ultimate measure of that performance. Every year schools take time to honor the highest GPA and the most outstanding student in each grade and doing so gives a false impression to young people in our society. The reality is that grades just aren't that important. Some of the most successful people in the world have gone on to have amazing careers in business and public life after having less than stellar runs in academia. Many of our most famous leaders were lousy students. President George H.

Former President George W. Bush isn't typically celebrated for his public speaking skills, but he made an important and insightful point the other day while delivering the commencement address at Southern Methodist University. He was highlighting the fact that grades don't dictate the rest of your existence, and life is full of limitless possibilities. In fact, a number of other presidents did poorly in school at one point or another, including John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B.

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