Is curiosity good or bad

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is curiosity good or bad

Curiosity Quotes (946 quotes)

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Published 08.12.2018

The Power of Curiosity

Eleanor Roosevelt described curiosity as "the most useful gift." But, new research suggests that curiosity is a doubled-edged sword that has a.

My Appetite for Information is Endless: Is Curiosity Bad?

Breakneck political scandals, societal tribalism, the hamster wheel of hour outrage, heavily Photoshopped sponcon, and the endless notifications to check your endless notifications. Sometimes our need to feel plugged-in can lead to momentary nirvana. But very often it leads to brain clog and even a cessation of good idea creation. The content treadmill so often churns out writing that is uninspired, drab, and seems as if the author was typing it with one hand while swiping Tinder with the other. How many times have you opened a few dozen browser tabs only to read just a couple lines of each and move on? Unplug from the internet forever and buy a tiny house off the grid where you can tend a cactus farm, do peyote, and write the great American novel? But many of us work on the internet.

Dear Father John, Many spiritual writers and saints have cautioned against excessive curiosity. Why is this? Curiosity leads to knowledge and knowledge is a virtue. So how can curiosity be bad? I am very curious and love to learn about anything and everything. So… is curiosity only bad when it is curiosity about the private lives of others? Or when it distracts us from serious prayer?


Curiosity is one of those … well, curious things about conversion optimization that has far more power than most people realize., But this idea of curiosity is pretty outdated—in humans, at least. Now, more recent research suggests that curiosity may also play a role in our social relationships.

Children make me think of curiosity as an innate tendency, or an evolutionary impulse, that is part of who we are. But sometimes our curiosity harms more than helps, or depresses more than encourages. From looking into my own behavior, my curiosity usually fits into one of the following three types. Good curiosity is what leads us to explore and learn. Playful and nonjudgmental: We explore for the sake of exploration and see where it takes us. A teacher: We learn from trying to answer the questions posed by curiosity.

Formation of Children. I am quite surprised at some of the chapter titles of our Small Manual of Civility. Who would expect a manners book to address curiosity? But the Catholic authors of this Manual for young men understood human nature quite well. In Chapter 12, The Manual reminds us that in the end, each one will answer before God for time wasted in idle curiosity. In a milieu like the Catholic traditionalist movement, it is very easy to become over-curious in the bad sense. That is, to spend more time watching the mundane actions of this or that person, always seeking the latest gossip or scandal, rather than applying oneself seriously to the fight against Progressivism in the Church.

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