Is jim axelrod related to david axelrod

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is jim axelrod related to david axelrod

Believer: My Forty Years in Politics by David Axelrod

How can you not love Axlerods description of Chicago politics? As anyone knows who has lived through Daley I, Daley II, and the Interregnum, its the finest political theater anywhere. The close-up of how Obama ended up running when he had far less experience than conventional wisdom would decree, was quite interesting. Oddly enough, I found the story of the Presidential campaigns (for which Axelrod lives) a tad disappointing. Im used to politics as a blood sport even among members of the staff. Through Axelrods eyes there were problems but not people clashes. Either Axlerod is discreet or the nicest man alive or he chose to leave out the good stuff lest he discourage future Believers. I suspect the latter although he does seem like a really good guy. The book was a pleasant break for those of us, who after a lifetime,find we can no longer believe.
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James A. Baker III joins David Axelrod for a discussion on CNN's the Axe Files

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David Axelrod

Axelrod and Edwards Didn’t Get Their “Groove” on…

David M. Axelrod born February 22, is an American political consultant and analyst , best known for being the Chief Strategist for Barack Obama 's presidential campaigns. He was raised in a liberal Jewish family. Axelrod's parents separated when he was eight years old. Axelrod traces his political involvement back to his childhood. Describing the appeal of politics, he told the Los Angeles Times , "I got into politics because I believe in idealism. Just to be a part of this effort that seems to be rekindling the kind of idealism that I knew when I was a kid, it's a great thing to do.

He scrunched up his shoulders tightly, pinching the blades together just below the base of his neck and forcing his chin up at a slightly unnatural angle. From behind, this brought much more of his bald spot into view. His upper arms — from shoulders to elbows — stayed glued to his torso. At the bottom of his rib cage, each forearm stiffly jutted up and away from his body at a degree angle. Four feet behind, to be exact. As a kid, whenever I tried to go running with him, that was as close as he let me get to him.

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Axelrod resides in Montclair, New Jersey , with his wife and their three children. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jim Axelrod. Axelrod at the 76th Annual Peabody Awards. New Brunswick, New Jersey.

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