Pooping my pants feels so good

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pooping my pants feels so good

Poop Quotes (21 quotes)

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Published 07.12.2018

Pooping feels so good

I shit my pants and it changed my life (for the better!)

Ask Your Question today. Being over 30 is not different to me then being That feeling of freedom to break the rules. Anyways let me get into my story here. Im currently unemployed and my girlfriend works at White Castle. When she's there I find my self encouraging my 4 kids to go down the road to a friends house.

Email Drew here. Buy his book here. Join me now, my friends, as I take you through a personally curated list of only the finest, most utterly horrifying tales of fecal hijinks you will ever lay eyes upon. Have a seat. About 13 years ago I was maybe 14 at the time , my family and two other families embarked on a long weekend trip at a wilderness lodge up in Canada. This place was only accessible via plane, and other than our travel compatriots and a few workers in the lodge, we were essentially stranded at this lodge, which sat on a small lake, for the weekend. Naturally, the first thing we wanted to do when we got there was take the fishing boat out.

For some women, poops or “BMs,” as I like to call them, have been a taboo subject I contracted giardia after a two-month hiking trip that my partner Graham and I tell by the forced smile in that picture, I wasn't feeling so great because of it.
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Basically, we're vile, disgusting creatures, and we want to share.

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Sure, babies and old people do it all the time. Kids, too—especially in the case of illness, behavioral problems, or something called "encopresis" do a quick Google search of "kids shitting their pants" and trust me, it's the best you'll ever feel about not being a parent. But as an adult, it's hard to think of anything that could be more embarrassing. Barring age and certain medical conditions, it's not something that I assumed many of us have to deal with—much less talk about unless you're that dude from Trainspotting. Yet when I started trawling for leads, this theme generated the largest volume of responses I've ever received for a single story in six years of journalism. People were selling out their spouses. Sending the names and numbers of their closest friends.

I developed this quirk early on. However, this need of mine has been challenged by giardia, an intestinal infection caused by a parasite that is picked up in backcountry streams, lakes and other water supply systems. It takes a few weeks for symptoms to show up, so before I was officially diagnosed, I thought I was eating terribly and my body was telling me to literally get my shit together. One experience that has become a very fond memory of mine was on the tail end of our trip as we were passing through Jasper, Alberta. The next morning we were at the tourist information centre when I was struck with a very urgent need to use the bathroom. Thankfully I made it to the bathroom. A very public and busy restroom, however.

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  1. It felt really good but it kept going and finnaly it started to fill my pants and you could see a big lump and after I felt that I had to pee. Soon it was.

  2. Since then I have pooped my pants maybe twice a year and when I do I . of warm poop went down the back of my sisters panties I felt so nice.

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