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do i have a dictionary

The Lovers Dictionary Quotes by David Levithan

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20 words that aren’t in the dictionary yet

Other new admissions to the dictionary include qayaq—an alternate spelling of kayak—and thongy. Other laws, such as the aptly named Dictionary Act, expressly do so. Search for any word in the dictionary and what is the first Google Image that comes up? Always know the meaning of those big words with Google Dictionary. And now several long four-syllable words come together, and the boy with the dictionary strikes work.

An English dictionary is the most important thing you will need when learning English. A good dictionary will help you learn hundreds of new words, improve your pronunciation and grammar. You can read more about why it is important to get a good English dictionary in another article. When you think of a dictionary, you usually think of a bilingual dictionary. For example, an English-German dictionary or a French-English dictionary.

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The Open Dictionary is Macmillan's crowdsourced dictionary , where you can suggest new words and expressions for us to add. The Open Dictionary started in , and since then more than new words and phrases have been added. About half of these new words have been "promoted" to become full entries in the Macmillan Dictionary. We'd like you to tell us about words and expressions that are being used in English where you are. They could be new words and phrases that are entering the language; technical, regional and slang terms; words from other languages that English is borrowing; or just words we missed when we were compiling Macmillan Dictionary. We have created a useful diagram to help you decide whether to submit a word or not.

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